130401 Newsletter April 2013


From Paris with love: John and Rebecca LIM

Dear Friends,

We thank the Lord for your prayers and continued vision for the mission work in Europe, through your continued support and intercession.
We thank God for His guidance for the months of February, when we held our Chinese New Year service, allowing for Christians to invite their family and friends to join the church “cultural” event, bringing the church to them!


Evelyne Amegnigan (photo left) our church treasurer had a burning testimony on the power of prayer at this time. We had been praying for her brother Roc in Canada for the last two years, as he was facing a crisis in his family as well as in his professional life. she thanked God that Roc, through prayer had finally had a breakthrough in his family and work life this year. He was accepted at the right time for a
government entrance exam, and God had vindicated him as well in a family issue. she thanked God for His greatness, singing “How great thou art”!


In the prison chaplain ministry, Ptr John had found favor with the prison authorities, which has allowed him open doors to minister especially to Chinese prisoners in terms of their educational needs, translation needs and physical needs.

One of the inmates, Mr S, was an ex-military personnel, who had been transferred to a well-known Chinese newspaper. He was later sent to Japan for further training, receiving a master’s degree and completely fluent in the Japanese language. Prior to his return to China, he was implicated in the 4 june 1989 Tian An Men affaire, as he was one of the Chinese leaders based in Japan. He was eventually accepted as a political refugee in France, and was given French papers relatively soon. his integration into the French society was extremely difficult, and he ended up washing dishes in a Chinese restaurant. Due to continued mental anguish due to his work, he has eventually bought a pistol from the black market, and returned to shoot all the personnel a in the restaurant. he described the following, “I wanted to kill myself after killing all of them, the gun did not fire, I checked the pistol and saw that there were still bullets. I knew that i deserved to die, but the ‘heaven’ did not want me to die…” Mr S knows now that it was God that has given him a second chance. He is an encouragement to the prison ministry, as he actively informs other Chinese inmates of the church service, where one can find peace. Praise the Lord for lives being touched by the “imperfect” people, forgiven by the blood of Jesus! Mr S spends most of his time now learning how to paint, and hopes to know God’s plan as he continues to grow!

We thank God for a wonderful Easter meeting on the 31 March, when both adults and children learnt to sing and praise God as a church family. it was a day of joy and celebration, where we were able to welcome new friends who were invited by church members, and who came to know the true reason
for Easter as the sacrificial death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ!

raypond ptr
We would like to thank the Lord for allowing Ptr Raymond Loh to minister to the work in Paris. He teachings on “Encountering Jesus” left an impact on different individuals over the weekend ministry.
During the first Friday night meeting on 12 April, Bro. Chen (photo left- Position middle) gave his life to the Lord following the teaching session of Ptr Raymond. He was visiting Paris for a one month period, and was invited to church by a friend. It was indeed a joy to see how God planned into his holiday agenda this divine rendezvous.

lily LI

Sis Lily Li (photo left being prayed for) requested for prayer after the Sunday meeting, as God spoke to her of the need to know HIM more. Through the teaching received, God impressed on her heart to pray and reach out to a friend who has lost the “Christian flame”! We thank God for the power of the Holy Spirit to speak to hearts to draw near to God.
We thank God for your continued prayers for and with us for souls to be added to God’s kingdom. We lay hold of God’s promise in Gal 6:9 “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”
We are grateful for HIS call, HIS provision and HIS enablement in HIS work in Paris!

Be blessed,
John and Rebecca Lim

Prayer requests:
1. Pray that God will continue to guide John and Rebecca Lim, as well as the leaders of elimparis, to build up God’s church in France.
2. Pray for God’s wisdom for the ELIMPARIS church board, as it continues to trust God serve in unity.
3. Pray for the Elimparis church camp in May 2013, for God to lead his people according the camp theme- “grow deeper in Jesus!”
4. Pray the successful application and renewal the resident papers of Ptr John in May 2013.
5. Pray for God’s to bless the work of a Hong-kong youth mission team from 15-29 June 2013, for His blessing over the tracting and street evangelism to be carried out during this time.

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