131201 Newsletter Dec 2013


From Paris with love: John and Rebecca LIM

Dear friends,
We thank the Lord for His faithfulness, as well as for His encouragement and support through you!
May God continue to bless and keep you all in His grace and abundance!
Our theme for 2013-14 is Our Utmost for His highest ! We are believing Him for greatest breakthroughs in this new season and we would like to share with you some testimonies from some in our community in Paris!

Sis Weeferly from the Dominican republic (Right 2nd –standing next to Rebecca) thanked God for the successful completion of her master’s program in Paris. She thanks God for His strength given to her during her time in Paris, as many times, she was in a position where she had to decide to put God first when it comes to priorites as a Christian.
While many of her friends chose to have a wild time in Paris, or to stop attending church completely, she made a decision in her heart to always “put God first”.  Her degree is a testimony for God’s glory!

liu yi xin

Bro LIU Yixin ( 2nd left, Aimei and Xinyi) thanked the Lord for His preservation and continued guidance in his personal life. He was coming to Elimparis back in 2006, when he first got to know love and salvation of God. After that he was slowly overwhelmed by the “world”, and left the Lord from 2009. God did not let him go his own way, as through a series of personal struggles, he came to realize his need to commit his life to Jesus completely ! Today, he has come back to the church where he has received the Lord, and God has blessed him with a lovely daughter and a godly wife.
He thanks God for spiritual “setbacks”, which brought him back to Jesus !

protestant en fête

The month of Nov 2013 brought “Protestant en fête” ( The Prostestant Festival- photo left). For the first time, the Bercy stadium of Paris was filled with praises of God from 27-29 Sept 2013, instead of sports events or concerts!
The unified voice of 13,000 christians was a grand and magnificent moment, proclaiming the glory and power of our Lord Jesus! There was a unified time of prayer for national needs, for the needs of Christians around the world. I thank God for this time of allowing different denominations to put away differences and united to the Father, so that the world will see that “unity” and that WE are HIS disciples !

Thank you for your continued prayers for France, and may the Lord Jesus bless your families and lives in HIM, as we approaching the coming season that reminds us of His gift through Jesus!
Prayer requests:

1. Pray for evangelistic meeting with association “bringer of hope” on 10 Nov 2013, for families to be touched by Jesus.
2. Pray for Elimparis Christmas evangelistic meeting on 22 Dec 2013, that members will have opportunity to share the message of the salvation of Christ with their loved ones.
3. The continued search and financial preparation of a church hall purchase in Paris.
4. Pray for God’s strength, wisdom and protection upon John and Rebecca LIM and the church board, to pastor and lead God’s flock into a new year.
5. Introduction of ELIM cell-groups run by group leaders in Jan 2014:
E-Encouragement, L-Love, I-Intercession, M-Meditation (Bible)
6. Prayer and fasting week from 19-24 Jan 2014.

John and Rebecca LIM Tel : 0033 1 70 25 93 36
1 bis, Rue Louis Rousseau HP : 0033 6 25 46 42 58
94200 Ivry sur Seine, France elimparis@gmail.com, http://www.elim-paris.org

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