140101 Newsletter Jan 2014

Love and the cross metaphor

From Paris with love: John and Rebecca LIM

Dear friends,

We thank the Lord for His faithfulness, as well as for His encouragement and support through you! We thank you for your prayers, as without it we would not be able to serve Him, to build His kingdom in Paris!

We continue to build His church, that she can do her Utmost for His highest!

Here are some testimonies from Paris to share with you all!

yi ji (2)

(photo left) YIJI came to the church 1 month ago. She is from China in Paris for her studies. Originally from a non-Christian family, she came into contact with Christians in back home in a campus. She was invited to a house church, and in her own words, “was touched by God”!

She then grew rapidly, went through Christian foundation class, and was baptized by immersion back home.

She is now in Paris, and has become an active member, joining our English study group, evangelism team and the youth group! She seeks to know God will for her future, and continues to grow in Him!

xi hui

(photo: at the middle)
Sis Xi Hui, who works in a restaurant in Paris, is presently recovering from a near fatal accident!
She left her house for work as usual one morning on bicycle. When she reached a turn in the road, she came to meet a car speeding fast. She was able to swerve the bicycle to avoid a direct collision, and the car came to hit her on the left side. Her bicycle was completely destroyed!
She gave thanks to God for preserving her life. She would now need 3 months of rest and recovery, but she will certainly spend it in communication with Jésus 


(photo: Sis Luce helping a new migrant)
The Church has started to provide legal advice and administrative “accompaniment” for new immigrants, through her social branch called KOINONIA. The actions include: going to the town hall for application of resident papers, application for social aide, free legal advice, free food distribution, etc
We thank God for volunteers who are able to give their time to the Lord to help new immigrants who cannot speak French well, especially in the Asian community.
We believe that God will continue to allow the His church, His people to enter into the lives of the people of the community, who have not yet heard of the love and power of Jesus!

Thank you for your continued prayers for France, and may the Lord Jesus bless your families and lives in HIM !

Blessings in Him,
John and Rebecca LIM

Prayer requests:

1. Pray for evangelistic meeting for Chinese New Year on 2 February, for many to be touched by Jesus.
2. Pray for God’s strength, wisdom and protection upon John and Rebecca LIM and the church board, to pastor and lead God’s flock into a new year.
3. “Living Stones” group after the message on Sunday starting 9th February 2014: based on the principles of : E-Encouragement, L-Love, I-Intercession, M-Meditation (Bible)
4. Annual General meeting of ELIMParis on the 16 Mars 2014, for God to help all our plans for the new year.
5. Easter service 20th April 2014: Pray for hearts and lives to be touched by the Lord .
6. The financial preparation of a church hall purchase in Paris.
For designated gifts, or possible no interest loans for the church building purchase of Elimparis, please contact us for details.

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