140501 Newsletter May 2014


From Paris with love: John and Rebecca LIM

Dear friends,
We thank the Lord for His faithfulness, as well as for His encouragement and support through you!
May the Lord continue to bless and keep you as you fulfill His call ! We thank God for His works through the months of February till May and we would like to share with you some of the testimonies!

intensive care

intensive care

ramsamy depart

depart from hospital



hospital stay

We were contacted by a Christian from  the French reunion island to visit a member of their family, Mr Ramsamy. When I contacted his family, I was able to meet his wife and daughter who came to Paris for a heart operation! The whole family is Catholic and not committed to any real lifestyle of faith.
I was able to invite them to join our Chinese New Year celebration, and they were minister by the message and the fellowship with the Christians. Following that, Mr Ramsamy was admitted to intensive care ward, as there were complications after the heart “re-routing” operation. The church prayed for him and God touched him in many ways and he slowly recovered, and He gave his “physical heart” and whole complete heart to Jesus! (photo 1). We were able to offer him Christian calendars, the Bible and devotional materials through our visitation team, and He built himself up in the word and the spirit of God in the recovery ward. (Photo 2). He was discharged in May and his countenance was transformed by his new found faith in Christ, Praise the Lord! What a difference when we find our strength in Jesus!


Over the last year, we started to have a consistent group of Chinese students who have remained on in France and started to work in Paris! We thank God that many of them in in influential positions in the French society, antiques market, engineers, telephone companies, software companies, professional musicians, finance and language teachers. In spite of the “crisis” in France, God continues to provide for His children’s needs!


For the youth in church, God has been faithful to use our use the youth coordinator, Ursula LAWSON to be blessing for the young people. (photo 5th from left). We thank God for her passion to help the young people reach their potential and grow to know Jesus personally. Ursula has been a faithful leader to the young people, and as she faithfully serves Him according to His call, God has opened up new doors for Ursula in her life, her work and she has experienced God’s help in her family!


(photo -middle)

We thank God for the life of Mme Antoinette AMEGNIGAN, who is the oldest member of our church in Paris. Originally from Togo, West Africa, she suffers much because of the cold weather in Paris. However, during the time of visits, she would express her gratefulness to God always for His goodness always, in her own language EWE.
I thank God for such faith to trust Him even when things don’t always go our way!


John is now assigned to a chaplaincy in the CPF (Centre Pénitentiaire de FRESNES) which is a maximum security prison in the south of Paris, as the prison within Paris “La Santé” will be closing for renovation.
CPF is a prison that contains 3500 prisoners of different origins, with 80% persons from North African descent. There is such a tremendous need, sometimes daunting and perhaps overwhelming, face with the misery of the prison conditions, with 4 persons sleeping within 9 sq. meters! We are grateful that the gospel light can have an opportunity to shine in such darkness!


The prison protestant association “La CIMADE” has accorded to John the task for translating an entry level Multilanguage publication for all foreigners who do not speak French, neither understanding their basic rights. Please pray that God will grant success to John to find the translators necessary!

mme ilango

Mme Ilango, who as originally from India, and came to settle in France for the last 35 years. Her family was originally going to a protestant church 10 years ago. Following a family tragedy, the entire family had turned away from God! The son of Mme Ilango, Robert, who stays in Britain has introduced John to his mother, who was suffering from forgetfulness and going into stages of depression.
Through the prayer and power of God, she has started to become joyful again. We thank God that the gospel is STILL the power to heal, deliver
and restore lives!

Thank you for your continued prayers for France, and May the Lord Jesus bless your families and lives in HIM, as we look forward to renewing friendships during our furlough trip back to Singapore to meet friends, family and church!

Prayer requests:
1. Pray for God’s strength, wisdom and protection upon John and Rebecca LIM and the church board, to pastor and lead God’s flock into a new year.
2. “Living Stones” group to develop based on the principles of: E-Encouragement, L-Love, IIntercession, M-Meditation (Bible); God’s anointing on leaders.
3. Pray for John and Rebecca for their home time in Singapore from 1-25 July 2014, to renew ties and friendships.
4. Pray for the preparation of the multi-language new prisoner publication for La CIMADE.
5. The financial preparation of a church hall purchase in Paris. For designated gifts, or possible no interest loans for the church building purchase of Elimparis, please contact us for details.

Contact for Singapore is 0065 6 2608 258
Missionaries: John and Rebecca LIM
1 bis, Rue Louis Rousseau, 94200 Ivry sur Seine, France HP : 0033 6 25 46 42 58 / Tel : 0033 1 70 25 93 36 elimparis@gmail.com, http://www.elim-paris.org

One thought on “140501 Newsletter May 2014

  1. Thank you for the newsletter. We are encouraged by what you are doing. Pray you be abundantly blessed with resources and strength.


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