141231 Newsletter Dec 2014


Love from Paris: John and Rebecca LIM

john reb profile

Dear Friends,

Our theme for 2014-15 is “fixing our eyes on Jesus”. We believe that the coming year will be bringing new victories and challenges as well. In this letter, we hope to bring would like to share with you some testimonies from some in our community in Paris!

back to VJC after 22 years!

back to VJC after 22 years!

We had the joy of returning back to Singapore in July 2014. John had to joy of meeting up with his junior college friends from 22 years back during that period, and had the opportunity to share about the nature of his work, the ministry in church as well as to share about God’s leading and goodness with them! He met up with Fred (VJC band), who is today a believer as well! Fred told John ”It spoke to me, how your life really changed after you became a Christian the 2nd year in college. We used to play mahjong (gamble) and dungeon and dragons after class, but you came to tell us that you will not play anymore after your conversion. I realized something was different when you became Christian, and that led me to ponder about the Christ!” He shared with John he was touched by his testimony and started a journey to discover who is Christ for him! PTL!

malaysian french prayer group in KL

John was able to minister to a French Bible group in KL, Malaysia, to share about the needs and challenges in France. We thank God for raising up prayer warriors for France and Europe. The members of this group meet regularly after the Sunday church service to learn French through the French Bible and through singing French Christian songs! Many in the group are actively preparing themselves to come to France for mission exposure trips, and to be sent by the Lord in His time!

sister Xi Hui (left)

Sis QUACH Hoa (photo left) has been praying for his third son Robert for the last 8 years. She had cried out to God as he stays glued to the computer from morning to night and only stops to eat and sleep for coming to 9 years. A year back, God answered her prayer when son suddenly decided to come out of the room and started to look for a job. Bearing in mind that this is a period of financial crisis in Europe, he was able to obtain a job soon after! Today, she knows that she can continue to trust God for all things!

flyers Jesus is Lord  EHC for Paris

(photo: leaders of Paris) The Everyhome crusade ministry (Singapore) has blessed Paris with 100,000 flyers to be distributed throughout Paris. During a get-together meeting with most of the leaders of the Chinese churches in Paris, the flyers were given out and distributed to all the churches! This was the a gift to Chinese churches in Paris of all different denominations, with only one goal in mind, to lift up the name of Jesus!

revival meetings in Paris

There was a city wide Revival meeting from 6-9 Nov 2014 in Paris. We thank God for the move of the Holy Spirit and for lives transformed through the ministry of God’s pastors and servants! We thank God for His help and guidance as Elimparis worship team led the final service ministry time. As we served Him during the conference, we saw how God continued to build us and anointed and enable us !

For the last quarter of 2014, the Lord impressed on our heart to fix our Christmas theme as “Jesus – hope of all nations!” Little did we know what He had planned for us!

Maison-arret-Fresnes         chorale prison de fresnes

Photo: (left) Centre penitentiare de Fresnes, (right) choir for Prison –outside the prison

Firstly, we were invited on 19 Nov 2014 to present a Christmas presentation to the prisoners of the prison of Fresnes. It is the prison center with 3000 over prisoners! With the prison choir team, we pray and asked the Lord for His strength, as many among us were first-timers to minister in prison! With the strength of God, much prayers and practice, I thank God that the presentation went well, and we were able to share hope in a place of darkness!

Christmas jesus hope of nations

After the prison ministry, we celebrated with the whole church our Christmas service, in joy and fellowship with the many friends who came for the first time to church ! (photo : Christms elimparis)

prayers prison

For the first time, we invited the entire church to pray for the prisonners who had handed over their prayer wish! We had a time of intercession to pray for them and their families and needs! (photo right: prayer from prisonners)
We often mention that the church is not just the 4 walls, but today the church of Jesus had penetrated the prison walls!

One of the inmates, Mister L shared with me the following during my visit in his cell:

“I have been a self-made man and I am now in my 60s. I was a physician in China, I had a reputation in the Chinese community in Paris but today I have made a mistake and ended up here.
My wife refuses to leave me, I had asked her to go back to China but she refuses, she comes to see me every week. I am glad that now she goes to your church. When I look at my life, I recognize my fault, I am not as good as I thought. However, when I see all these people who try to do good to us, those that we shun outside in the world, I am deeply touched. I see the love of God. That is why I now believe, that is why I have decided to give my life to Jesus. I hope that when I go out one day, I will be a better man, to share this love with others in the world!”

I thank God that He is able to make us a channel of HIS love, even to someone who is “lost”! PTL!

presents CASP for children of parents in prison

At the end of the Christmas festivities, the church mobilized to send toys to the children of the prisoners for Christmas!
I thank God for allowing us to participate to give these presents to the children who have lost either one or both (often it is the case) parents as they are serving sentences. The children are placed in foster homes, and live in anger and sorrow many a times.

We pray that the children will be touched by these gifts, and remember the reason of the season of Chritmas, in French “Noel” (which means new-birth)! May there be a connection between them and their heavenly Father who loves them!
Thank you for your continued prayers for France, and may the Lord Jesus bless your families and lives in HIM, as we enter into 2015 confident that He who began a good work in “US” will complete it! I see that Jesus is undeniably the “hope of all nations”, and for all situations!

God bless you richly,
John and Rebecca LIM

Prayer requests:

1. Pray that God will continue to touch and minister to the prsonners ministered during our choir presentation, as well and touch and minister to their children as well.
2. Pray for those who came to the Lord during the Elimparis Christmas evangelistic meeting on 21 Dec 2013, that they will continue to grow.
3. The continued search and financial preparation of a church hall purchase in Paris.
4. Pray for God’s strength, wisdom and protection upon John and Rebecca LIM and the church board, to pastor and lead God’s flock into a new year 2015.
5. Pray for our Chinese New Year evangelistic service in February 2015.

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