150528 Newsletter May 2015

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From Paris with love: John and Rebecca LIM

Dear Friends,

It is a real joy to write to you again, to share of God’s goodness to us as co-workers in God’s mission field.

Though it has been a difficult time in France since Jan 2015, due to the events that come about, we believe that God’s plan for France is being acted out for His end-time harvest! More and more people are coming out of a passive religious existence to enter into a living relationship with Him.

May we are be God’s bridges to lead others to His love for this critical time!

20150331_184551  John and Rebecca on bridge near home – ivry sur seine

I would like to share to you some testimonies of God’s encouragement to us!

Celine (visit with Maurice LY)   Visiting of Sis Celine with Maurice LY and Ptr John

We thank God for Sis Celine, who comes from 25 kms away from Paris to the church. Heavily handicapped for many years, she was rejoicing in the service and thanked God for being able to join us. For a regular Sunday, she needs to book a special wheel-chair taxi one week in advance, then pay the fees to be taken to church. The taxi will wait for her for the duration agreed, and she will be able to take the taxi back to her house after the service. It spoke to me of the “sacrifice” of praise, looking to Him continually in all our circumstances.

Bible Study with pastor LIEW and team  Bible study with Ps David LIEW and COCM Malaysia

On the 1st of Avril 2015, we received the Malaysian COCM team for a week of ministry with Elim Paris. We thank God for the team members, who got to Paris and were ready to immediately head for our Wednesday Chinese Bible Study. Through the sharing of individual team members, the participants were really blessed by their passion and zeal to preach the love of Jesus!

set-up team ELIM  Elim Service preparation team

We thank God for the faithfulness of the Sunday preparation team, who ensures the set-up every time we meet in our rented halls at the MAS building. We continue to trust the Lord for the purchase of a permanent church hall in the near future in Paris 13 (Chinatown)!

Easter 2015                    easter Malaysian team       Easter ELIM 2015                                                                                    French Easter presentation by team

We had a wonderful time welcoming new visitors for our Easter service. We thank God for touching lives through the different song presentations, youth presentations, and the Easter presentation by the Malaysian COCM team. The entire presentation was done in French by the Malaysian team, who had started a french language Bible study group 2 years ago after their first visit to Paris. I thank God for the brethren who came to Paris in person, worked hard to perfect their presentation, to show the visitors and church members that GOD LOVES this land!

outreach street ladies       outreach street ladies (2)     street ladies in Paris

Photos (L to R) : gift preparation for street ladies outreach ( 站街女服事 ) , Outreach team, Street ladies

We had a special outreach to street ladies in Paris 13 (Chinatown) and we had a great time of prayer and preparation, followed by a time of sowing the love of Jesus! The team prepared goodies in packets and went around the Chinatown area to give out freely to the street ladies and to talk them about the love of God.

Mme H, a street lady from HuNan, China, started to confide to Rebecca all her difficulties from her departure from China and how she ended up “working” on the streets. Rebecca and her team member then spke to her :” God still loves you, God has a better plan for your life, if you let Jesus into your heart”. We trust that God will continue to work in her heart even after our distribution!

Prison ministry with malaysian team                  MA Fresnes grandes-small-1

prison ministry with members and malaysian team                  Fresnes prison

We had the joy of declaring God’s praises at the Fresnes prison during the Easter festivities. Together with the team, we were able to declare God’s grace and love through songs during the Protestant prison services. The participants were encouaraged by the message, as Mr T said “I am grateful for all of you thinking of us and coming to us. It makes me know that God is real!”

Continue to pray that every choir intervention will bring clearer the message of God hope to these places darkened by dispair and rejection.

paintings Mr S Paintings by Mr S (in the prison of Fresnes)

I remember mentionning about Mr S a while back, of how he has gained peace with God through hearing the message of Christ in the prison. Today, he has flourished to becoming a wonderful artist, a self-taught painter. We pray that God will allow him to use his gift of painting to allow him to serve the gospel.  It is indeed true that “when the Son sets you free, you are free indeed!”, even in times of confinement. He has found his freedom in the Lord, and like the eagle cited in Isaiah 40:31 that he painted, through God’s help, he will rise up in strength!

books for non-french prisoners       Info booklets for non- french speaking prisoners

Our association, “KOINONIA immigraide” which intervenes in the social realm, has successfully assured the translation in 6 languages (russian, mandarin, arabic, portuguese, spanish, english) of the new-inmates booklet designed by CIMADE (an association commisioned by the French gouvernment to help migrants in France).  These booklets will help non- french speakers in prison understand various procedures vital to their needs, eg. getting in touch with the families, embassy, country, lawyers, etc.

Bro HE and Sis HE     Bro HE and Sis HE from Shanghai

The testimony of Mr He, newly baptised in May 2015 during our church camp.

After the cultural revolution of 1966 by the communist party, Mr. He, aged 21 then, was ordered to leave Shanghai in 1969 for the province of GanSu to stay and work in the villages. This treatment was imposed on all university students during this time (Mr HE was a medical student at that time). He became a “bare-footed doctor” (a common un-licensed doctor) in the villages to take care of the people, where he was paid in eggs, vegetables or salt!. (A farmer in GanSu had an income of 8 cents a year)

He met his wife in 1970 HE-WANG JuYing, also from Shanghai. In 1994, he then received a visa in 1994 to come to Europe permanenetly, where he has been since. They had goned through hardships in Europe, finally ending up in France.  Mr HE had come into contact with the pastoral couple (John and Rebecca) and Sis XiHui in 2013 and came to accept the Lord with his wife. He had been in many religions all his life,  but he has seen that the God of the Bible is not a created god, but the true GOD! Being a doctor, he had long realised that the human body is a miracle by itself. He is convinced today that the God of love of the Bible is the true God and has decided to give himself to Jesus at the age of 68 years old!  In spite of all his trials in his life, He has seen how God has had mercy on him, on his wife and declares that “God is good! even when we did not know Him!”

I hope that you can be as encouraged are we are with what God is doing in France. We are trusting Him that inspite of all the negative media of Europe today, the will of God for Europe in ALL GOOD!

God bless you and your loved ones,

John and Rebecca LIM

PS: We will be back home in Singapore for a short period from July 2015, so we look forward to reconnecting with you if you are available. (contact: elimparis@gmail.com)

Prayer requests:

1) More prayer partners to be raised up to pray for France at this crucial time.

2) For strength and wisdom on John and Rebecca to lead and build God’s work.

3)For God’s wisdom upon the commitee :Xiangyu, Gladys, Ursula, Rebecca and John; as well as for the church board.

4) For God’s guidance on all the newly baptised members.

5) Pray for more children’s worker and musicians to rise up to serve Him.

6) For a permanent hall in Chinatown (Paris13)

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