121001 Newsletter Oct 2012

elim-1024 fbook
Dear friends,
We wish you all of God goodness and blessings in this new beginning in 2013, on behalf
of Elimparis, and may God continually bless and guide your steps. We are blessed to be
connected to wonderful friends who prays and intercedes for us in the mission field, which
helps us continue to believe God for the salvation of souls in France!
We thank God for the life of Vong (left on photo) and Dou Dou (right on photo) who had gone through a great trial during the last 2 months.We had made mention of Dr Sassady, the father of Vong, who was suffering from cancer. He had accepted the Lord through the witness of Vong and Dou Dou before being taken by the Lord the sat 31 Dec 2012. The entire family, being from Laos, had decided to hold traditional buddhist ceremony. It was a time of great pressure for Vong and Dou Dou, as the family of Vong was well known in the French Laocien community, and His father was a political figure who had come to France because of the Laos civil war. Furthermore, he
was the only surviving son, as his elder brother had already passed away earlier. I thank God for the witness of Vong and Dou Dou as they maintained firmly their decision during the funeral, and refused to participate in the ceremonies being conducted by the monks! As the family announced their thanks and appreciation to visitors, it was a shock for the entire community, as they announced thanks to “Eglise evangelique Elim” (ELIM church). Vong later related to us that it was the first time that a church was involved in their funeral services, to his memory! Thank God for allowing us to be a witness to an entire community oblivious and resistant to the gospel message, through the living testimony of born-again believers.
The 13 of Jan 2013, the entire of France was in uproar. I thank you for your prayers for France, as this day, between
800,000-1 million people (the government reported 350,000 people intentionally) took to to the streets to demonstrate against the passing of a new law, which was going to acknowledge gay-marriages in France. The terrible drama in the passing of this law was that this would lead to :
1. Removal of gender mentions (father and mother) form all government archives, as well as all government forms, eg. Marriage, birth- certificates, others…
2.Permission for masculine gay couples to use a “rented womb” to have their own children.
3. Permission for feminine lesbian couples to have the right to use “rented sperms” to have their own children.
As you can understand, this law will be to the detriment of the family, the basic unity of human civilization! We thank God for touching all the citizens in France to be mobilized in this manner, as there has not been such a massif demonstration by citizens in France for the last 30 years!
We have had our baptism service the 20 Jan 2013,where we had Bai Bing (photo left) and Peng Fei(photo right), 2 Chinese students who followed the demand of the Lord in the waters of baptism.
Bai bing had come from north-east china, and he was touched by the Lord when he started attending church in France. Towards the end of 2012, he knew that God’s will was for him to be baptized in water. We thank God that his mother Sun Hong, a christian as well, and his buddhist granny mdm Sun, was able to participate in the baptism of Bai Bing.
Zhao Pengfei was also touched by the Lord when he started coming to church in France. He acknowledged that he had not understood and realized God’s grace in his life while he was still in China. As he made a decision to follow Christ in the waters of baptism, he invited close to 15 friends in Paris to witness his decision to follow Jesus in his life! We thank God for the impact of this decision to his friends!
Thank you for your continued prayers, and we are believing God for his end-time harvest in France!
Missionaries in Paris,
John and Rebecca Lim
Prayer requests:
1.Pray that God will continue to guide John and Rebecca Lim, as well as the leaders of elimparis, to build up God’s church in France.
2.Pray against the law to permit homosexual marriages to be deliberated end of January in parliament, being pushed by the socialist president Francois Hollande. Pray for the second national demonstration against this law in Paris (like the first one on 13 Jan 2013) on the 3 feb 2013.
3.Sunday 17 feb 2013: friendship Sunday for Chinese New Year. Pray for God to bring Chinese contacts to hear God’s word.
4.Sunday 10 March 2013: AGM elim Paris.
5.Sunday 31 March 2013: Special Easter meeting on. Pray for souls to be touched through the Easter message and presentation.
6. Pray for God’s continued guidance for the brothers baptized on 20 Jan 2013 to follow the Lord faithfully in their lives.
7.Please pray for Isabelle Coinet (Auntie of Hervé Broussard our church translator), who had a diabetic attack this week-end, who is dying due to failure of her kidneys, liver and one of her lungs, but not yet a believer. Pray for salvation for the whole family.

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