160111 New breakthroughs for 2016

photo 1  2-Corinthians-Chapter-10-Verse-5

Dear friends,

As I pen this update for the beginning of 2016, we will have to agree that many things happening in this part of the world. God is opening new doors for the church and for us as well, and through the church in Paris.


First of all, We had a good time back in Singapore to share with the family (Rebecca and myself) and with our home church (Elim Singapore) and other churches praying for France. We have been blessed by the friendship and prayers of all.

photo 2 john reb

(photo 2 : john/Rebecca)

God began to speak to us about a new vision to establish disciples in Paris, to build people to : love God, love others, and to make disciples… for Jésus in Paris!
With all the leaders in elimparis, we have begun to pray and seek the face of the Lord, and to allow everyone to sense this direction from the Lord together. The Lord began to speak to us all, and so we begin the month of August with a series of preaching on becoming a discipleship church in Paris.

We have started an English service at Tolbiac since Sept 2015 in the Paris 13 district. we now have a committed team to support this work. God spoke to John to form new “funnels”, to allow the living water of the Spirit of God to flow through different languages, to touch and reach the lost!

photo 3; English service
(photo 3 : english service)

New intern ministers who joined elimparis.
We have received 3 Bible school students who desire to serve God within elimparis as minister interns for the next 3 years, during their time of study in Bible school.

The family of Fidi and Tiana who are first year in Bible school. They are passionate to pray and minister to people who are broken and sufffering We are grateful for God’s calling for them to join elimparis to serve Him together.

photo 4 famille Fidi et Tiana   photo 5 Alexina
(photo 4: family Fidi)                                                          (photo 5: Alexina)

A sister who is passionate about the reaching the lost, who senses a need to reach the homeless as well as desperate. She is currently serving in our small group for teens.

They are currently serving in our small groups, guided and trained by present leaders currently in place. Praise the Lord!

In October, ElimParis was able to employ through her social branch “Koinonia association”, with a 60% help from the town hall of Paris, a christian worker Esther Chen! Esther is a graduate with a master’s degree in “public health”, and is able to assist “help seekers” with administraive needs. As well, Esther has been working with our worship team for the previous year, and is an accomplished pianist previously in her church in Taiwan.

Photo 6 Esther Chen
(photo 6 : Esther Chen)
we were able to hold a revival conference in Paris end of Oct with all the Chinese churches open to the Holy Spirit up to a 1,000 personnes participating, which is a real blessing for Europe. Elimparis was invited to take charge of one of the worship sessions, as well as the translation services of the conference. We are glad to see people coming to the Lord and touched by the power of the Holy Spirit in Paris.

Photo 7 Conference

Photo 8 conference altar call

photo 9 translation team

(photo 7+8: Conference Réveil 2015, altar call and photo 9 translation team)

Nov :
November was a difficult month for the entire country of France. The terrorist attacks of 13 Nov 2016 was a tremendous difficult event for all the churches, especially for the future of all foreigners who are in France or Europe.

photo 10 attentat
(photo 10: attentats)

The Sunday after the terrorist attacks of Nov 2015, we received many new and old friends in the church services. I thank God for speaking to hearts and reviving certain christians, in spite of the sad nature of the whole terrorist event.

In reflecting about the Nov events, we were greatful for God’s protection over the churches in France. We were extremely grateful that God protected Paris during the time of revival conference, which would have cause the whole question to be cancelled due to security measures.

Elimparis organised a concert for the Prison of Fresnes for the 8 Dec 2015. We were able to minister to a hall of 80% muslim participants during the concert, and we all sang the Christmas carol “Silent Night” with all present. What a joy to sing and celebrate Christmas with all the prisonners of all religious backgrounds!

photo 11 prison
(photo 11: team for the prison x1)
Following all the the events after the terrorists attacks, ElimParis organised a worship and prayer walk at the “Place de la République”, the place symbolic of the French Republic. We started to sing French and mandarin worship songs at the place, which was able to attract others around to come towards our group. We were able to explain about God’s love for the nation of France, and how God’s intention for the all is His love and perfect plan, for those who come to understand this truth. We thank God for a wonderful time to lift up the name of Jésus before the people who do not enter into a church!

photo 12 love Francephoto 13 love France

photo 14 Bataclan during prayer walk

(photo 12+13: marche de la louange et prière x2) , photo 14 : Bataclan where 128 were killed.
Elim Christmas:
The 20 Dec 2015 was the day of our Christmas service. We welcomed new friends, and enjoyed the presentations by the youth, children and language groupes. The message regarding “the Father’s heart” was shared, to share the love and desire of the Father to touch all who come to him. The altar call was given and many came to the Lord to be touched by His love.

photo 15 Christmas
(photo 15: Christmas)

Chinese students camp:
Elimparis was invited to participate in the yearly overseas students camp from 30 Dec 2015-2Jan 2016; Our chinese students were able to organise the worship sessions, help other churches in the worship, and finally see your lives coming; or coming back to the Lord! Praise the Lord!

photo 16 student camp

photo 17 student camp
(photo 16+17: Chinese students camp x2)

Jan 2016:

We had a baptism service for the first service of 2016: where we had the joy to baptise 3 candidats; We thank God for His grace and His help to continue to lead and guide the newly baptised.

We also started our first Chinese student connection group in Jan 2016/ We thank God for « seekers », who are searching for the truth of God, who came to join us for the meeting. Praise God for new projects to reach unresolved young men and women in Paris !

photo 18 Chinese students
(Photo 18_ students)

New beginnings for John:

During the month of September, John had felt led to ask for an authorisation to minister to refugees in France who are receiving medical help in the hospitals. This pressing need in France has been confirmed, unfortunately by the terrorist situation towards the end of 2015. His request was received and treated by the Protestant hospital services, to be able to engage to minister in the Paris hospitals to foreigners who do not speak French, but mandarin or english. It was with joy that the request was granted on 6 Jan 2016, after an audience with the commission for the Protestant Hopital services on the 5 Jan 2016.

photo 19 Hospital
(photo : FPF hospitalier)

Thank you for taking time to look through the update.

May God bless you richly and continue to use you back home to reach the lost !

John and Rebecca LIM

For God’s strength an help upon the lives of Rebecca and John, to continue to serve God in Paris among the French, Mandarin and English speakers.

For God to touch France, the french gouvernment, the churches and ministers in France.

For the situation of foreigners in France, in prisons and hospitals.

For God’s continued guidance upon elimparis, the council and ministry committee, as well as the 3 ministry interns.

For God’s guidance upon the newly baptised believers, for God’s continued guidance upon their lives.

For God direction and wisdom upon the leaders with launching of connection groups in 2016 for: French, Mandarin, Youth, Teen, Worship, etc.

For God’s help and guidance for Ps John for his new affectation to minister to foreigners in hospitals, as well as his continued ministry in the french prisons.

For the social projects(Koinonia-immigrAIDE) to be launched for 2016, and for God’s help on Esther Chen to manage the projects.

4 thoughts on “160111 New breakthroughs for 2016

  1. Really great to read all the amazing news John and Rebecca. Very touching and inspiring. May our Father continue to lavish His love on you and the people of France! Love from Me (Marc) Dreama and Psalm (Our nearly 3year old daughter)

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  2. Hi John, It is so good to hear what God is doing in and through you all by the power of the Holy Spirit. We are encouraged by the your news and hearing what the HS is doing among the people with and around you. I miss you brother and wish we were not separated by so great a distance. We will pray for you and lift you before the Lord. We are moving through transitioning out of our current pastoral ministry and into a mission sending ministry. Please tell Maurice hello from us. His servant heart and hospitality touched us much. God bless you. Greg Jochen

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