161107 Beginning in His grace


Dear friends,

As the psalmist says in Psalms 100:5 “For the LORD is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.” Though events in the natural has caused many be checked regarding their thoughts about His GOODness, we are constantly reminded of His faithfulness!

Here are praise reports from Paris 🙂

On the 9th July 2016, we had a youth summer event with our Ukrainian partners and the youths. It was great to spend an afternoon together to have good and “saintly” fun with fantastic BBQ.  God’s faithfulness allowed us to be in one heart regardless of the nationalities involed in His church!

Left: Etienne testifying ; Right : Etienne with his grandfather during lunch fellowship

On 10th July 2016, Bro. Etienne LASTENNET (presently in Singapore) visited the english service and gave a wonderful testimony of the goodness of God in his life and in his family. His testimony left me awed of the faithfulness of God. Etienne had seeked the Lord for the next step in his professional life during that time. He had been waiting for open doors in Asia for a professional change, meaning uprooting his family from France. After initial negotiations with his company, the doors shut due to the economic slump during that time. He continued to trust God for HIS best, and doors later opened for Singapore! God opened the door for him to obtain a very good terms with his company and has been serving the Lord as well in Elim church Singapore since his move! 


photo: Michel and Esther and little Anabelle with Esther’s mum in Lyon.

We had the joy of visiting Esther and Michel WANG in August, our former members from Paris who are presently in Lyon for work. Esther and Michel had been faithfully serving the Lord in the church in Paris in the translation ministry during their postgraduate years. There came a time that they sought the Lord for new doors and God is His faithfulness opened the doors for them to be teaching mandarin in the university of Lyon. Their faithful service in church has allowed them to move on to God’s next step in their lives. 

photo: Peter CHNG ( starting missionary of ElimParis)

We had the joy of receiving the ministry of Ps.Peter CHNG in August 2016, who had started ElimParis in her first beginnings. He shared on his journey as a missionary in Paris, followed by his fight with kidney failure as well as subsequent challenges that came up during the years after his time in Paris. Many of the congregation were greatly encouraged by his message, seeing in “real life” God’s faithfulness which is unchanging!  

In Sept, our ministry partners Sis Galina AGAFONOVA (photo up) shared of God’s miracles in His church during the English service. We thank God for allow us to cross cultures and touch lives though the faithfulness of His cross.

We had the visit of Wolfgang ECKLEBEN (photo up), a seasoned ENC missionary in Europe who shared with Elim leaders of God’s vision for people to grow in relationship with Him, to learn of His faithfulness! We thank God for a tremendous message for this time!

After many years of prayer, a door was opened so that we could have access to a new church hall in Paris 13th district. The members received this news with gladness as we visited the hall during her renovation phase. We prayed in groups for the new hall, and asked the Lord in His faithfulness to use this new premises to be a lighthouse in Paris Chinatown!

Photos: taken of the new Elim hall and with a time of laying hands and prayers for the new chaplains in the hospitals of Paris (including John)

ElimParis welcomed the yearly hospital Chaplain service for 2016 on the 13th of Oct. It was a time to share of the vision of the Chaplaincy ministry, of the need of the gospel to go beyond the walls of the church! The words of Psalms 147:3 “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds” modeled of the heart of the Lord, so that Christians could be equiped to touch this world in need through His faithfulness !


Photo: Pastors in training of the Salvation army with the regional hospital chaplain of Paris Anne THONI.

John was invited to share his expriences to students with the Salvation army Organisation in Paris in his preparation to serve as a hospital chaplain, as well as he legal training in the French university. John was able to share of his vision to touch the refugee population in the Paris hospitals. Most hospitals in Paris are open in winter months to house the homeless, as well as the refugee population as well. It was a joy to be able to bless fellow servants of the Lord of other denominations as well.

 Rebecca’s corner:

photo: flyer of elim association, Rebecca with volunteers (Miranda, Gladys, Esther, Luce, Jimmy YEUNG, Katherine and Pascal)

Rebecca is now actively serving as the representative for the social association started by the church, meeting the needs of the refugee situation in Paris. She leads a team of motivated volunteers from church and other partnering ministries to give help to non-French speakers in : letter writing, accompanying to government offices, legal advice with help of french lawyers, etc.

Photo bottom: Refugee protesters in Republic, Photos top: savage tents set up in Paris near Stalingrad area

The refugee situation has indeed worsened in Paris and in Europe in general. We realise that the flood of a majority islamic refugee population is providing an open door for the gospel of Jesus. We thank God for His guidance and faithfulness in our lives, which has allowed us to assimilate well in the european context, to offer much needed help to migrants, especially to Afghanistan and Syrian refugees coming over to Europe through France! 

We are unable to predict the future of this land which is facing overwhelming odds in the years to come, but we are counting on God’s faithfulness to continue to use us for this land!

Please continue to pray for us in France!
John and Rebecca LIM


For God’s strength an help upon the lives of Rebecca and John, to continue to serve God in Paris among the French, Mandarin and English speakers.

For the situation of foreigners in France, in prisons and hospitals. For God to raise up more workers for His harvest.

For God’s continued guidance upon elimparis, the council and ministry committee..

For God’s help and guidance for Ps John for his new affectation to minister to foreigners in hospitals, as well as his continued ministry in the french prisons. (pray for God’s provision for purchase of minstry vehicle – having 300km to cover between church, hospital and prison work per week).

For God’s provision for the needs of the refugees in Paris, France. More volunteers to be raised to serve the population with the love of Jesus. (Pray for provision of funds to enable more services to be provided for refugee families: french classes, children’s program with coming of more workers)


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