170628 Praise Him from whom all blessings flow

Hi all,
“Praise God for whom all blessings flow … ” rings an all time favorite song in the history of the church annals. As I looked back on the year, i am thankful for His guidance and blessings over the last few months.

The great commission entails going into all the world, to make disciples of all nations. One of the objective this year is to allow God to use our natural talents and finances to influence the society in Paris.

God’s blessings allow us to BE a blessing! This was a year for BLESSING the COMMUNITY in Paris, where God spoke to us clearly to “love our neighbours” and to show them God’s love and grace through our actions!

We were overjoyed by the visit of Ptr Glen Singapore, our founding home church towards the end of Dec 2016 who came to encourage ElimParis for Christmas in Paris and to teach on “The Father’s heart”. It was a blessing for all Elim Paris!

20161218_13065620161218_13121720161218_16064820161218_13062520161220_235123 Photos taken during the visit of Ptr Glen LIM from our founding home church in Singapore. (Photo: Service with Ptr Glen; board members; group seminar photo, prayer time, house visit)

John thanks the Lord for a wonderful time of visiting home (Singapore) in Jan 2017, in spite of going through a motorcycle accident during this time. It was a different type of holiday, a quiet one of meeting up friends and family during visits, a blessing of family and friendships developed over the years.


Lai Yong, Ptr Derek and Celine SIM, Rebecca and John


With Julia (older sister of John) and Alex


With Joyce (younger sister of John) and children


With Ptr Glen and mummy KO (mum of John)


With Rev. Dr. Fred and Margaret SEAWARD


With Michael and Pheng

Thanks be to God, John was able to recover well enough to share to the Chinese service of Elim Singapore on the work in Paris followed by a message of encouragement on “God’s mission to share His love with the others”.  John is blessed by the privilege to declare His goodness to all!

Chinese Service in ELIM Singapore

*** We are so thankful that God used new ones in the church family in Paris to rise up to meet various needs in Paris during our extended absence 🙂

John had the joy of welcoming her mother Sis KO to France this year. It was indeed a joy to see how God had transformed Sis KO, who was against John’s conversion and eventual decision to go full-time in 1999 and to have sent Sis KO to the waters of baptism in Sept 2016! Indeed God works in ways “beyond our understanding” to save and touch our loved ones and family by HIS love and power!



Sis KO in our Chinese connect group in Paris 13


John doing hospital visits with mummy KO in hospital Emile-Roux

John continued to participate in the training of new teams and members for the Hospital group of Henri-Mondor which covers a group of hospital. Due to the issue of distance, it is vital for the setting up of satellite teams to enable visits in the various locations. We thank God for raising up new volunteers to serve in the chaplaincy ministry!

Group session during Chaplaincy volunteers training day

photo with Regional Chaplain Ptr Anne THONI (3rd left) and Ptr Georges MICHEL the general secretary of the French Protestant federation (2nd right)

After the elections in the USA in Dec 2016, it was the time of the French presidential election 7 May 2017 of Emmanuel  MACRON, followed by the French législatives elections (members of the French Parliament) 18 June 2017.

In this time of great changes in France  it was also a time of proclaiming the Gospel! 

John was invited at this time, with other participants, to speak at the CORA meeting (to enhance understanding between different communities) at the 94 Prefecture of Val-de-Marne, under the direction of the prefect of the Paris region. He was able to explain his ministry and work to accompany end of life patients and those who a “detracted” from church that he meets and how God uses him to bring comfort and direction to patients and their families.

Photo with Ptr AZDRA, Ptr RAKOTOVAO after the CORA meeting (Comité Orientation contre le Racisme et l’Antisémitisme)

It was a joy this year to have Ptr Solomon HO from Liverpool to speak to the church during our annual Elim camp. The message of “honoring God in our lives” helped many to rededicate themselves, their talents, finances to the Lords use, to be a shining witness for Jesus in these troubled times in France!

Message by Ptr HO

Prayer for mothers


Photo with camp participants


We thank God for His help towards bro D and his family. Contraire to all expectations, God opened a door for him to have early release from his prison term in Fleury Merogis prison, through the intermediary of the Association work of ELIMParis. They have come to see the grace and love of God, who looks at them as His children who need Him desperately. We thank God that in Him, we can have the choice and the privilege to have a Second chance in life!

Prison Fleury Merogis in the greater Paris region

John recently met Mme CADOU who takes charge of reintegration of the fringe population and of migrants in France within the EMMAUS Liberté structure.  Followed by this meeting, there was a possibility to start helping young man without legal status in France. It was a joy to see Bro HUANG able to start en internship in EMMAUS to be help to fully learn french, be accompanied in health care and receive a “future” in France!

Bro HUANG before the workplace

NEW platforms :

From June 2017, the Lord opened new doors for John to share on French radio waves “Fréquence Protestante” of the compassion ministry work within the hospital systems to minister to patients and other connected persons as well. It was a blessed time to be able to recount and “COUNT His blessing name them one by one … ”

With Ptr Stuart LUDBROOK and Malika at Radio “Frequence Protestant”

 With Ptr Georges MARY (middle) and Ptr François. 

Ptr Rebecca’s corner:

An appreciation of the natural blessings in nature around us in the outskirts of Paris!

Through the association work, Rebecca and her team was able to see the first organised piano concert for Koinonia Immigr-AIDE happen in Paris, to raise support for the immigration help work. Thank God for touching individuals both in France and overseas to support this initiative!

Poster of event on 19 May 2017

Photo with Singapore Ambassador to France Mr. ZAINAL (left 3) and Brian TAN (right 1), Rebecca, John, Gladys (left 1) and Sylviane (right 3)

Special thanks to Bro Brian TAN (right 1), who was actually on consultation assignement in Paris for his hotel group; A fellow student in Victoria JC Singapore of 1988. He is serving God faithfully in his field of influence be it in church or in the world of hotellerie 🙂 

 It was amazing how God was able to allow our paths to cross in this part of the world after a lost of contact of over 20 over year, so that he could participate and guide our volunteers to organise the concert and welcome of guests! What a blessing to meet friends from old times!

有老朋友自远方来,不亦乐乎 !!!

John had a planning meeting with the Chinese Gospel businessman’s committee to do in cultural workshops in Children medical wards in hospitals later in the year. God’s blessing can be used to be a blessing to the weak and needy in the society too!

Rebecca has been invited to a planning meeting for the accompanying of refugees in one of the 3 sites assigned by the French authorities in Ivry sur Seine – 200 meters from the house of John and Rebecca! Our prayer is that God would provide more volunteers and helps and financial means for suitable help to be provided to this fragile population in Paris.

Ivry sur seine – ancient site for water services – now the welcome place for refugies

Rebecca’s view of the refugee camp during her recent meeting with the agents in charge of the place

Please do not hesitate to share these news and we are grateful for your continued prayers for us in France!
John and Rebecca LIM


For God’s strength an help upon the lives of Rebecca and John, to continue to serve God in Paris among the French, Mandarin and English speakers.

For the situation of foreigners in France, in prisons and hospitals. For God to raise up more workers for His harvest.

For God’s continued guidance upon elimparis, the council and ministry committee..

For God’s help and guidance for Ps John for his new affectation to minister to foreigners in hospitals, as well as his continued ministry in the french prisons. (pray for God’s provision for purchase of minstry vehicle – having 300km to cover between church, hospital and prison work per week).

For God’s provision for the needs of the refugees in Paris, France. More volunteers to be raised to serve the population with the love of Jesus. (Pray for provision of funds to enable more services to be provided for refugee families: french classes, children’s program with coming of more workers)

For God’s continued direction to direct and guide us in His mission to touch people and make disciples for Jesus in France: disciples of His compassion, His grace and His love!  

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