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Dear friends,

With the year of 2017 coming to an end soon, we are looking forward to connecting together as a church to face the coming year. This year marks the 500th year of Martin LUTHER, a renewal of the church of God by the monk Martin LUTHER who realised that the christian lives by: Faith alone, grace alone, Scripture alone, Christ alone, and ALL for the glory of God (the 5 solas of Luther).


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John and Rebecca were able to be invited to EMILE ROUX hospital AP-HP to exhibit the protestant Reformation history panels and to explain to all patients what were the events which led to the declaration of Martin LUTHER, “the Just shall live by faith” (Rom 1:27)
John was invited to the Paris town hall for the address by the mayor of Paris, as well as by president Emmanuel MACRON on the 22 Sept 2017. It was a time where Mayor Anne HIDALGO and president MACRON expressed their thanks to Protestants in France for their dedication and upright moral values for the benefit of the country and in Europe. What a privilege to be able to SHINE for him before the country leaders!


Président Emmanuel MACRON speaking to all the protestant pastors in Paris.


John and Rebecca were invited by the Singapore Embassy to celebrate with all Singaporeans in France the Singapore National day on 23 Sept 2017. What a joy to be able to connect with our dear friends and contacts staying in France during Singapore’s birthday festivities!


below: John with M ZAINAL (man in suit), the ambassador of Singapore in France


We would like to thank God the addition of the GOH family (photo above) into the elimParis family. It is a joy to see how God was able to speak to Chris and Sherreen, open up doors for them to leave Singapore to work in France. Please do pray for them as their prayerfully overcome the language and cultural barriers which exists in Paris.

Testimony from Chris GOH:

Chris thanks God for how God has organised for him and family with regard to his father being diagnosed to be seriously ill just before they came to France. This caused the move to be delayed. The first miracle was that the condition of his dad improved very soon, secondly, the boss in Paris was willing to block for Chris the job while he cared for his father. Amen to that! (for the full version of the testimony, please click here)

famille GOH

We had the visit of Ptr David LIEW of Kuala Lumpur and his team of missionaries in the early part of October. They spent their days sowing seeds of faith in the streets and entering into contact with individuals in the streets and inviting them for our events in Elim Sunday! The team also spent time to visit church members and to allow God to use them as vessels of encouragement and blessings!





Testimony of Bro. Maurice LY: 

Bro. Maurice LY was strongly touched and ministered through the visit of Bro. YONG and experienced the healing touch of God. PTL!

Testimony LIU Ai-Hua:

Sis LIU thanks the Lord for helping her to seeking HIM first after her accepting Jesus and baptism. In spite of difficulties and issues in her mariage, God has spoken to her to reconcile to her husband. Her change of heart has also led to a change of attitude of her husband. AMEN!


After our long day of family visitation, we stopped to pick up dinner in Belleville district in Paris. Under the leading of the Lord, John and David began to minister to the owner’s wife Mrs Y, who then invited her husband M. Y to come meet them. After they had accepted havinga time of prayers, the couple were very touched, with the wife in tears as they accepted that Jesus take charge of their business, their family and their lives.

P_20171007_213127_BF (1)P_20171007_213159_BF (2)

The Month of October marked the beginning of the celebrations in Europe commemorating the Protestante Reformation, 31/10/1517 in Wittenburg by Martin LUTHER.



Presenting the Protestant Hospital Chaplaincy stand in Strasbourg 


with other members of the Chaplaincy services.


with days of teachings on the services in France.

The continent of Europe is facing difficult times, financial challenges and terrorists threats in various periods of the year.  The spirit of the Lord spoke to us to launch out a new model for our way of reaching the society,

to Firstly : connect together as a multicultural spiritual family,

and Secondly : connect in groups in prayer for the needs and challenges of the society,

then Thirdly : step out to connect with the world to bring God’s positive change in our times.



Speaking of connection, John was able to reconnect with his cousin Seok-Eng and her husband after not meeting up for 40 years! It was finally found out that she was the peerson who recommended the christian name of JOHN 47 years ago in the KK hospital in Singapore! “John” meant God’s gift, and that is our goal to bring the giver of all gifts to France!  Praise the Lord for divine connections!



The month of November allowed us to come together with all other Chinese and French churches in Europe in the Revial Conferences . We thank  God for this opportunity to grow in unity and strength together with other churches in Europe!



Rebecca’s Corner with Association Emphasis :

Ptr Rebecca thanks the Lord that Gao Yue (below: middle lady with glasses) came to the Chinese connect group and gave her life totally to the work and power of the Holy Spirit, to desire to surrender her life to Jesus. What a joy to walk with someone come to a saving knowledge of Jesus our Lord!



Sept 2017 marks a new beginning for Rebecca taking up studies at distance with the University of Strasbourg on “Counselling and chaplincy studies”


Rebecca and John at the University premises of Strasbourg

We continue to connect to the society at large by proposing different efforts to show God’s love to hospital patients.


John meeting up with association partners for charity drive for the children’s ward in Intercommunal Hospital of Creteil


Rebecca meeting the volunteers of association social to plan the projects and interventions for 2018. We thank God that we are able to bring our christian values to connect and bless the greater society around us!


Please do not hesitate to share these news and we are grateful for your continued prayers for us in France!


John and Rebecca LIM



For God’s guidance for :   TEA ceremony presentation in Intercommunal Hospital of Creteil 17 Nov 2017 ;  Christmas children’s choir in Hospital Dupuytren in Draveil  20 Dec 2017, other prison and hospital works

For God to open up a door to start a Protestant Social centre in the town of Ivry-sur-Seine (next to Paris), thanks to a purchase of a suitable building in the town!

For God’s strength an help upon the lives of Rebecca and John, to continue to serve God in Paris among the French, Mandarin and English speakers, and for God’s wisdom and strength on the church board and leadership.

For God’s continued touch upon Elim Paris to be a multicultural family without borders and to  guide us in His mission to touch people and make disciples for Jesus in France: disciples of His compassion, His grace and His love!

For God’s help and guidance for Ps John for his ministry to foreigners in hospitals, as well as his continued ministry in the french prisons. (pray for God’s provision for purchase of minstry vehicle – having 300km to cover between church, hospital and prison work per week).

For God’s provision for the needs of the refugees in Paris, France. More volunteers to be raised to serve the population with the love of Jesus. (Pray for provision of funds to enable more services to be provided for refugee families: french classes, children’s program with coming of more workers)





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