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As we approached June 2017, the Holy Spirit began to challenge us to envisage a change in our way of fonctionning. During all the past 8 years, we have had our services in French and Mandarin. However, there came to be a stirring in my spirit to envision reaching out to English speakers in Paris. As we shared the vision of change with the leaders together, we began to pray and allow the spirit of God to help us formulate and shape the vision for ElimParis.

It was clear to us that a 3 language session would not be the most achievable model for us. This change would entail starting a new service in Mandarin, and allow the French service to develop into a bilingual French-English service. The challenge was that it will require twice as many people to do twice the amount of services offered during our services, eg. worship team, Sunday school, ushering, etc.

We decided to allow the Lord to speak to all involved, to give adequate time to allow our our team the opportunity to interceded together. We are thankful for the prayers of our home church Elim Singapore, as well as our friends from back in Singapore, As we prayed together, in spite of the challenges posed, the decision slowly took shape in our hearts.

Our church leaders together in Dec 2017

As we began to communicate and share the changes involved, much time was given to allow everyone to express their sentiments, followed by a time of prayer together.

On thing that we had asked of the Lord, was that the decision be a unified decision, in which ALL in the leadership team would be in agreement with.

Singapore Trip:

We had a short trip back to Singapore in Dec to join the annual camp of our home church Elim. It was a time of strengthening friendships and also a needed time to allow the Holy Spirit to continue to “fine tune” our future plans. We thank God for Rev Glen LIM, the church Council and members of Elim Singapore for their constant support and prayers for us in the field.

Elim camp in mêlaka

The Lord ministered to Rebecca and myself during our time at the camp, with confirmation of His plans for us in Paris. We received clearly His affirmation, urging us to “press on and behold what HE is doing in Paris”!

Photo with worship team in Camp

Thank God for young people who love God, Love people and passionate to see God fulfill His purposes in their lives!

With Sis Carol – face to face meet up

It was a good occasion to have met up with Sis Carol, who helps us to feature things happening in the mission field, for prayer and connection purposes. Tide times has become a channel sharing God’s faithfulness and His grace, an avenue to re-connect with “home” Singapore.

Photo with Rev Poon (Chaplain)

It was a great time meeting up with Rev. POON, both pastoring and ministering as a hospital chaplain. We thank God for sending his workers for the care of the sick and destitute, yet faithfully serving His church as well.

Back in Paris :

Dec was the month for compassion and sharing God’s love to those alone and isolated, a time to share the values of Christmas – the gift of Jesus.

We organised a children’s singing team with Mme Colpier and were able to bless old patients in Dupuytren hospital during a Christmas carol event. Pamphlets were given to all present so they can contact us to receive visits and ministry from our chamlaincy team.


One of the patients, Mme B. has been in hospital since 2014. She has been paralysed since then, at the age of 84 and suffers from memory loss. The times of visit as a hospital chaplain (John) was a time to know that God still cares, sending His workers to meet His “wounded” daughter, reminding her of His continued love for all His children.

We organised a Christmas service as well at the prison of Poissy, Paris for Christmas week, with a team of French, African and Chinese participants.

We thank God for the message of His gift for those “bound”, of the liberty in Christ Jesus!

Jan 2018:

We had our first service in Jan 2018, with the 2 services separated with the partaking of the Holy communion. Between the 2 services, bring all our members together for a time of fellowship. We are thankful for God’s guidance and His constant help to understand the ultimate Christ “culture” that is pre-eminent in His house, surpassing all other forms and méthodes.

As it is written in Col 1:

“13 For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves,

14 in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.

15 The Son is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation.”

18 And he is the head of the body, the church; he is the beginning and the firstborn from among the dead, so that in everything he might have the supremacy.



Praise God for disciplers:

Michel Wang, one of our members have moved with his family to Lyon since 2014. He became passionate for the Lord during his time in Paris. Then then settled down and married (his wife) Esther. Later, his family moved to Lyon as his wife got a teaching job in the Lyon university.  He visited us again last January to share how God has led him to become a missionary, to reach students in Lyon. I thank God for His leading in the life of Michel. His story encourages us how God can impact new people and new cities through our lives and work for Him. We are thankful for the sorrowing process of God unfailing word in Paris, knowing that all that was sowed bears fruit in God’s time, according to God way =)

Discipleship is – loving God, loving people, influencing lives!

Rebecca’s corner:

As we considered “what would Jesus do? ” for His church and the communities around, God began to speak to Rebecca regarding our town “Ivry Sur Seine”. It is a town on the outskirts of Paris (next to Chinatown) which is run by a communist political party.

We reflected about what God would desire for us to meet the needs of different communities where we live. As our thoughts developed, we were put into contact with the organisers of the Départmental Family Associations of our region. This meeting led to us envisioning a possibility of raising up caregivers to help families in the hospital in ivry sur Seine faced with end of life patients. The project is still being worked out, yet we realise that no political or structural limitations could prevent God’s people from sharing His love to all in need!

Photo with the people in charge of family associations (M. DIOT and Sarah)


We would like to thank all our friends for your continued support for God’s work in Paris. We are thankful for your contributions in any form towards the projects mentioned and most of all the time of intercession with us. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!



To stay in touch :



1) unity and strength for leaders of Elim Paris, His provision and grace.

2) Wisdom and guidance of God for His missionnaries

3) Change to 2 services (Mand and Fr/Eng), for God to raise up more volunteers to serve Him.

4) For John’s ministry among the sick in the French hospital system

5) For Rebecca’s ministry (project) among needed families in Ivry Sur Seine (God wisdom and discernement).

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