180508 A New Oasis for Elim

Dear friends,

We are glad to share with our friends what God has done for ElimParis, His goodness and provision for His church!

After a time of prayer and seeking the Lord the last 6 months of 2017, we have relaunched our new services format in an early morning Chinese service, followed by a late morning English-French service. This change has been sought through with the leadership team, proposed by Ptr John and Ptr Rebecca LIM.

Our desire was that God provide a better environment for the different language speakers to receive the word of God in their own languages, while providing a better support base through small groups after the church services.

In our original hall, the was not a possibility due to time constraints. As we followed the Lord in His leading, God began to open doors for us in Paris.

A testimony is that our guardian for the previous hall, Mme Asisa, a musllim lady was saddened by our imminent departure that she even promised to come look for us to have “fellowship” with us in our new address!

Ptr Rebecca and Mme Asisa (guardian of our old hall)

John came to know of Ptr Steve BLACKAH through a pastor’s meeting in the region in January. After some time, they both decided to meet up top pray for the needs of the two churchs. Through the sharing, it was amazing to discover that Ptr Steve was actually looking for a christian group to rent his hall in Paris 13, which is actually 2,5km from ElimParis!

As the two men met, it was clear that God allowed the meeting to allow for a rental realationship to be established. The new place is closer to the main business area of Paris 13, more convenient geographically and requires a lower rental investment. One most important point was that the building belongs to the protestant church, so does not entail difficulties with the neighbourhood, when it comes to the French legal noise control regulations.

Hall viewing with Ptr Steve BLACKAH

Main entrance (glass door)

Main worship area

Welcome area


As plans continued, the church board of ElimParis confirmed unanimously that it was time to move to a new oasis. The date was set in the beginning of April, and ElimParis moved to a her new premises.

ElimParis did a General meeting service in 6 May 2018 to celebrate our new journey since the move in April 2018.  Our special speaker Ptr Rommel CERVANTES from London encouraged us to be a church that exemplifies the love and forgiveness of God. After the service, the church voted to support her leaders and serve the lord Jesus and His call in Paris!

Preaching of Ptr Rommel in English, French (Ursula) and Mandarin (Ptr Rebecca).

Our general meeting service, encouragement to love all men!

A time of English/Mandarin/French fellowship

A group photo to remember the Lord’s day together as a family without borders!

Ptr John’s testimony:

The month of April was a trying month as Ptr John suffered a fall, leading to a serious fracture of his left ankle, with a broken Fibula bone resulting. Thank God for his grace and strength during 2 months of recovery.

Photo: left ankle plaster


Photo with the mission team for Bethel church in Redding in Elim in the new hall!

We started a new disciplers class, “the follow course”, to learn to grow in our relationship in God, as well as our identity as HIS children.

Photo; follow course group.

Individual testimonies:

Mamie Antoinette, our oldest member from Togo, was so pleased to have the new premises. She related to Ptr John after the services that she would always be part of this family, a family that she loves, no matter she we go. Thank God for allow His love to bind us together, inspite of cultures and colours.

Ptr John with Mamie Antoinette

During one of the services, we welcomed M. Didier, who is a French Mason, from the lodge of Paris. He told God after the service that he was touched by the love communicated by the message and the people of God. We thank God that God’s love is able to touch and bring ALL back to Him, regardless where we are in our lives today.

Photo left: Fred, middle; john, right; Didier

Sis LIU (photo last left) testified how joining the church and growing in her life has helped her to improve her life with her husband. They were going through divorce procedures when she came to join Elim. Through the teaching and care of Ptr Rebecca and sisters, she was encoraged to make a decision to save her marriage. Praise God that today the husband is pleased that his wife is now a commited christian.

From left: Mme LIU, Mme Wang, Mme LI, M. He

ElimParis is also proving a premise to a growing Ukranian church, in a smaller hall. Sis Zoryana, one of the leaders, thanked us for our help, to allow them to start their work, to assist them in legal issues and to show christian love.

Ptr Rebecca and Zoryana

Ptr Rebecca with the Ukrainian members for a prayer time

God brought into our midst Geroge and Ghislaine, both from the French island of Guadeloupe. They were touched by the Lord upon coming to Elim, and related to John that the vision to bring different cultures into the love of God spoke to them and they wanted to be shepherded and growing with us, to serve and build broken lives. PTL!

Photo ; Ptr John, George and Ghislaine

We officially welcomed as a mission partner Ptr Ulysse and his wife Marie-line into our church family this year. Ptr Ulysse has been a pastor in Haiti since 35 years ago, but he has come to join us in Paris during a time of medical care. He was glad to find a church family to belong to, a people who love God, love men, to make disciples!


photo: Ptr Rebecca, Marie-line, Ptr Ulysse Ptr John

Ptr Rebecca’s corner:

God allowed Ptr Rebecca to visit patients in an old age hospital in the region. We thank God that He does not forget even those “forgotten” by the families!

Photo: Ptr Rebecca and Monique.

Ptr Rebecca organising a youth RINK outing

Testimony from HOME:

The sister of Ptr John, Joyce had the joy of having her daught Claudia being baptised in Elim Singapore. What a joy to see families being joined in the love of Jesus!

Photo: Ptr Maureen and Ptr Derek, Claudia (back -extrme right)

Testimony from previous mission field:

Ptr John was involved in the mission planting during his years in Ghana, under the leadership of Ptr Daniel ONG. What a joy to see that the church started with 12 people back in 2001 has now grown to a few hundres, with their own hall!

We thank God for your prayers and ask that you continue to pray for the work and needs in France:)

Your friends in France,

John and Rebecca LIM


Prayer needs: 

  1. God’s continued guidance and wisdom on Ptrs Rebecca and John and the leadership team.
  2. God’s provision for the refugee work and social outreach in Paris and Ivry sur Seine
  3. For people’s heart and lives to touched and transformed to love God and love men!

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