180901 The Anchoring presence of God

vintage anchor on the beach

Dear friends,

The song Faithful One reminds us once again of God’s faithfulness, our anchor in times of changes.

( Faithful One by Brian Doerksen )
Faithful one, so unchanging
Ageless one, you’re my rock of peace
Lord of all I depend on you
I call out to you, again and again
I call out to you, again and again
You are my rock in times of trouble
You lift me up when I fall down
All through the storm
Your love is, the anchor
My hope is in You alone

As we face new challenges in the start of our new administrative year (la rentrée) in France, our heart is to teach the church in Paris of God’s anchoring presence in our lives.

Notes from His house ElimParis:

Chinese news: 

God showed us His faithfulness as we welcomed young people from Lyon into our midst, who were recommended by our dear friend Miquel and Esther who are now serving God in Lyon. Praise God for His continued work through ElimParis in other cities as well!


photo: Jin and friends joining us in our new Chinese services …

Two Taiwanese sisters joined us for the Mandarin service. They realted that God had spoken to them through the word that morning and gave thanks for His direction for them. (photo below)


English News:

We were glad to welcome Jeremy in Paris (friend of Congyu our spiritual son). We were glad to help connected with him here. God allowed Rebecca to speak into his life as well and to bring encouragement to him to seek God’s love in his life! Amen!


P_20180808_133424 Photo from right: John, Jeremy, Philippe, Rebecca, Johanne, Congyu 🙂


Thank God for providing a connection time with Ryan (brother of Wayne who was in Paris), a talented young artist in the computer industry. It was a real blessing to share of God’s blessings and partake in a time of prayer over coffee 🙂


French News:

We thank God for his anchoring faithfulness as we welcomed to the church service Thibaut and Benedicte LORMIER, who just got married in the month earlier. Praise God for His goodness in the lives of this young couple. (photo below)


We thank God for a time to connect with Charles (son of Ps Ulysse) who is working in a restaurant. A time of encouragement and sharing to allow this young man to reconsider his path and direction in the near future 🙂




The One who anchors HIS church 🙂

After our venue move since April 2018, we are grateful for God’s continued guidance and faithfulness in His house 🙂 We continue to make renovations to make our HOUSE more welcoming, thanks to the young and less-young men in our church family!

P_20180901_142035P_20180901_142040P_20180901_144939 Photo: David, Nicolas and Alain busy in the work of the Father’s house

Praises to HIM 🙂


We thank God for His plan for ElimParis, as we continue to move in our new organisation, a first Chinese service and a second French/English service, to allow the different language groups to develop at God’s pace. 

Rebecca’s testimony:

Rebecca thanks God for His faithfulness and strength as she validated her diplome université from Strasbourg University (Centre de Formation de Theologie Protestante) this summer!


Hospital notes:

We thank God for CongYu, who has put His musical talents in the musical realm, by intiating the first Island piano festival in Singapore as well as in the reunion Islands, but who gives his time to the French hospitals to provide spiritual classics to aged patients (Emile ROUX hospital near Paris)


Thankful for doors to be a blessing, in the academic field and in compassion.



It was a blessing for the long-term stricken patients in geriatric care to have the team in this compassion ministry through Association Koinonia ( managed by John and Rebecca ) to receive this event in hospital. The hospital staff were both impressed by the level of performance and touched by the kind humanitarian gest.

Thank you for your continued prayer and support for us and the work in Paris, it is a blessing to have friends who support the needs and ministry in France and greater Europe.

Prayer points:

  1. For complete physical healing for John. His still obliged to continue kinesitherapy for his previous left leg fracture, as well post-operation visits to the specialist (operation of late July).
  2. For John and Rebecca as they continue to lead and develop the church in Paris.
  3. For the intense planning from mid-Sept till mid-Oct 2018, with the new planning for the work in Paris in the new administrative year, as well as for the planned conferences of John and Rebecca in the USA.
  • visit Ps Greg JOCHEN – Yakima, WA
  • visit Ps Daniel ONG – Renton, WA
  • visit Dr Dennis – Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Revival conference in Dallas.
  1. For the family and continued ministry of Ps Ulysse and Marie-line, who are scheduled to have health screenings for previous ailments in Paris, as well as for their work and families in Haiti.
  2. For the leaders and board of ElimParis, God’s provision and protection in their families.



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