180916 Revisiting times of mission


After spending over 22 years in the mission field, I have now the tremendous privilege of revisiting with my wife friends and partners in mission, in a Sabatical month in the United States.

It will be a time to reconnect and to revisit various points in God’s guiding path over the years, a time to refresh ourselves on thinking of His love and goodness. This covers a period from 1992 in the Philippines, from 1999 in Accra, Ghana till finally 2004 in till now in France, with mission efforts in Malaysia, Thailand, Nepal too:)


It is a humbling fact to see how much He has trusted us and allowed us to serve His church and to see His faihfulness in the lives of these dear man and women who love HIM after all these years in His service. We thank God most of all for our generous hosts who are allowing us to stay with them, to have a glimpse of their lives and ministries.


Thank you TEAM ElimParis 🙂

We are grateful to the Lord for the provision make a trip to the USA. More than ever, we are grateful that HE has provided us leaders who are faithful to serve during our time away.


Pastor CHENG Shih-KUANG, orginally from Taiwan but naturalised in Bonn, Germany will help us to look after the chinese services, as well as minister in the English/French service. Please remember his wife Claudia who will be back in Germany to care for their children during this time.


Pastor Ulysse from Haiti will be serving and ministering with the Eng/French service during our absence. Please remember his wife, Marie-line for specific needs in her health, as well as their christian school back in Haiti.

Thank you so much for our dear team in ElimParis for their love and service for the Lord, which allows us to spend this special sabatical month away!

Praise to the Lord for Eugene Tan who has joined us since Sept 2018 who has willingly stepped in to support us in our Chinese worship, even French worship session =) God’s timing is perfect!

USA notes:

We head to Yakima, Washington tomorrow morning to the JOCHENS, who are passionate for God for the young people. John will be sharing with young men and women about the work in France, of opportunities and of challenges too. Pray that God can stir up the hearts of young men and women for the work in France!

greg jochen

GREG AND RUTH JOCHEN https://acts.training/our-staff/

Our next stop brings us to Renton, Washington. It’s a blessing to visit Daniel and Connie ONG, with whom both Rebecca and myself have served under from 1998. We are grateful for their lives and are looking forward to reconnect during our time.

daniel Ong

Daniel and Connie ONG https://www.iccseattle.org/about.html

After a short conference in Dallas, we continue to Jacksonville to visit Dr CHEEK. It will be an exciting time to fellowship and see how He is serving in the university realm, his influence of the future christian thinkers in his nation.


Prayer points:

  1. Pray for the team in ElimParis for God’s guidance and His hands over the meetings during the absence of the LIMs.
  2. Pray for good connect time, journey mercy and good correspondance during the sabbatical month with their corresponding hosts.
  3. Pray for a time a refreshing during our time, to have renewed vision and strength for our continued service in France.

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