His mercies are new every day

Dear friends,

We thank God for His protection in spite of social upheavals in the French society. We are trusting God for His justice and stability for France as she is going through difficults challenges, terrorist threats and a “national rebellion” of certain extreme citizens against government leadership in the form of looting and civil violence. May God protect His assemblies and churches during this time of unrest!


Asking to dissolve the government!


Burning of cars next to Champs Elysees


Attacking of police patrol vehicles

As we see the upheavals in the society, we are more and more convinced that the greater society might not always be favorable to evangelical and Christian expressions. There might come a time, where the notion of creation and faith values be seen as contrary to national societal norms. It is with this recognition that we have decided to build again “discipleship values” though a new discipleship class, to envision God’s strengthening of new and young Christians facing the paradox of Godly values against worldly norms. We thank God for those who will be strengthened for His kingdom.

Our discipleship class of 2019

Social influence :

As we face challenges in France, we thank God that through our Family association, Rebecca and John are able to meet the needs of the elderly in Paris 13eme. We were invited to share with the elderly of the same district of ElimParis regarding end of life issues as well as hospital admission procedures. Thank God that we are able to meet needs in the social aspects, part of the evangelistic mandate of the church!

Rebecca explaining the hospital procedures for elderly patients who are hi-tech speakers.

Remembering His goodness:

I thank God for a special invitation to minister in Cardiz city, Negros Occidental, Philippines. John was part of the missions team in 1993-1995.

It was a joy to meet Ptr Johnny Tyson (his wife Arlene), who was a youth at the time of our first mission trip, who is today serving God in his own capacity.

It was a joy as well to meet Ptr Rey, who was a co-worker, serving God faithfully today. (Photo taken in Christ Ambassador church of Ptr Rey, 3rd from left)

What a joy to meet Ptr Dodgie,a co-worker during a visit in 1997 (under Ptr Derek Sim) who continues to serve God faithfully in Kabangkalan city.

This fulfills the words of apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 3:6 I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase.

University NBA 2019 seminar:

It was a tremendous experience to speak to 3rd and 4th year business students of North Negros College about how to develop their leadership capacity through God’s values! What a privilege to help shape the future entrepreneurs of this nation 🙂

Ministry of Ptr Davidson and Ptr John with teachers and leaders of NCC school. Ptr Leonard (teacher and conference organiser), Dr Orcena (academic dean) and M.Jesmar (president of school).

It was a joy as well to visit and the the fruitful Ministry of Ptr Esther among the prisoners and community in Silay city.

I am deeply grateful to have participated in God’s work, done by God’s people, to serve God’s purposes in God’s timing.

This is a gentle reminder that God is indeed the one watching over His churches, regardless of economic and social changes with time. PtL!

Testimonies from Paris:

We thank God for the start of the first Protestant service in George Clemenceau hospital by Ptr John and volunteers, to bring comfort and strength to patients in their sufferings. The gospel is a light that shines in spite of the darkness in life!

Ptrs John and Rebecca and the protestant volunteer hospital team.

Hospital visites :

Ptr Rebecca was able to visit patients at George Clemenceau hospital. We thank God for opening doors for us to reach those who are physically challenged, to bring the lifesaving message of the cross to them!

Lives renewed:

Sis LIU thanks the Lord for His love and preservation upon her as she underwent emergency operation 3 weeks ago. The prayers of church brethren and God healing touch has allowed her to recover in time. She thanks God for giving her new life 🙂

Sis Joan thanks the Lord for His continued guidance and openings. She is thankful that at every step of the way, God continues to grant favour to her business and work needs.

We thank God for His continued strength and guidance for the work in Paris. We thank God for prayer and ministry partners that God raises up to believe with us in God’s workings in the city of Paris.

In His harvest,

John and Rebecca LIM


Prayer points :

1. God’s peace and restoration of the French society

2. God’s continued strength and guidance in His work for john and Rebecca and church leaders

3. God’s provision for church, hospital and migrant ministry.

4. God to raise up more workers for the one-time harvest in France !

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