Renewal in life


Dear friends,

It’s been a time of renewal in many ways these past few months. Renewal of our commitment in the field, of our role in the church, as well as our lives in our adopted nation of France. It’s amazing how fast 15 years has gone by during our term here.  We are just grateful and awed by HIS faithfulness 🙂



We had the privilege to spend some time in the countryside to renew our marriage vows, since 27 March 2004. To look forward to God’s leading and guidance for us in this new period before us. We look forward to a new freshness with him in HIS ways!

Testimonies from home:


During my recent ( a few months back ) mission trip to the Philippines, I was able to pass by Singapore to visit my father in law (Mr KOH) when he had a heart problem. I thank God for keeping him, a visit that I was able to do with my mum and Ptr Raymond as well. It was a divine time of spiritual encounter and prayer for my father in law.


Testimonies from church:


I had a good meeting to discuss on future teaching planned for “healthy emotional spirituality” with Ptr KANN and his wife, who are the spiritual overseers for the chinese churches in Paris. We prayed and looked forward to seeing the different churches coming together to fellowship and serve together across denominations!



I thank God for brother ARNAUD, a brethren that I ministered in Fresnes prison, who has decided to rededicate his life again to Jesus (He has given me permission to share his info). Please pray with us that God will renew and guide him to rebuild his life to HIM, as well as to reconnect to his family in French Guyane.



We thank God for leading Sis Beatrice from Togo to church, as she was looking for a spiritual home. She had gone through very difficult events with her family in France and was needing to restart her spiritual life again. She was surprised to learn that we were in the same area and thanked God for helping her to find a church home in Paris, a place of refreshing “Elim”.

Testimonies from social branch: 


John was invited by the district development team to participate in the future events in the Paris 13 area. It’s a privilege to reflect on actions to help the community as well as the people where we are placed. Amen!


I had a good meeeting with Ptr Kitty CHOW, who runs an association for the chinese population to reach out to them. Please pray as we envision a better collaboration next year as well. It is a precious avenue to reach out to the asian population in Paris. Pray that our collaboration will bear lasting fruits in this mission field.


For the music festival of 2019, our association “Koinonia” had a stand and presented a song “My Redeemer Lives” ! What a great way to do music in the parisien scene, to allow all to hear of HIS redemption!

Testimonies from friendship:


I thank God for reconnecting with friends who has been with us since years back. Michael was my youth president since 1993 and is today a brother I meet with when I am home. It’s a blessing to know that we are remembered and prayed for by friends from back in Singapore too.


I had a good meeting to show Ptr Phylis (2nd from left) and her sisters from Texas the wonderful historic places linked with the protestant reformation in the person of John Calvin, his hous, his school, etc. What a walk down protestant history together!


What a blessing to meet with my old school mate Megan from AGBC 23 years ago in Paris. It was a time to reconnect. I thank God for her role today as a school counsellor to help fringe students experiencing rupture from the school system. God needs people in different parts of the society to serve HIM.

Thank you for taking time to read this report, may the Lord bless and use you in His work, to love others for His glory!

Your friends in Paris,

John and Rebecca LIM

0033 6 25 46 42 58

Prayer needs:

1. God’s continued peace and restoration of the French society

2. God’s blessings on our work in the communities in Paris 13. Open doors to reach the different populations.

3. God’s continued strength and guidance in His work for john and Rebecca and church leaders

4. God’s provision for church, hospital and migrant ministry.

5. God to raise up more workers for the one-time harvest in France !


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