191225 The reason for the season


Dear Friends,

This year presents a challenging time in France, with a nation wide strike demonstration for the transport, aviation, petroleum and gouvernment services in France.

This situation had presented a big difficulty for the members of Elim, many taking UBER for 33kms, driving 20 kms and doing car pooling in order to come to celebrate and worship God together!

Worship has come to mean, more than just getting our desires, it is to give to the master our talents, our means and ourselves!



P_20191221_185627 (1)



P_20191221_175817 (1)

P_20191221_181012 (1)

P_20191221_184010 (1)


Thank God for the motivated team who came on a Saturday without functioning trains to help in the preparation of our Christmas service ! Disciples growing together.





I thank God for the time we had as a church family for our Christmas service on 22 Dec 2019, followed by a meal time together as a family. What joy to hear the sharing of the God’s goodness from the lips of our members, despite challenges during the year. Many of our members gave thanks to God for a wonderful year.


Silviane thanked the Lord for His protection over her life this year, permitting her to serve Him in a greater way in her life.


Lili thanks the Lord for His goodness, how the Lord has saved her older sister and her grandson in China during her recent trip back home.
Association news:





What a joy to distribute free coffee and biscuits in the area where we are, to meet the people and bring an encouragement and a message of hope to different people that God brings before us.

John’s Christmas evening visit:


Visit in the intensive care service in Hospital Cochin

This Christmas has also been a time of reflexion for me as I was called in urgence the night of Christmas eve to accompany a family with a dying patient in intensive care in Hospital COCHIN. The mother of the dying patient was deeply moved as she did not think that anyone would be able to respond to this terrible event happening to her son. He was pronounced cerebrally dead after some time. As protestants, the son had given clear indications to willing to give his vital organs to other needy patients. I was touched by the unselfishness of this Christian family.

I went afterwards to Institute Montsouris and the Clinique Port Royal as well. It was amazing how a simple visit was able to help these patients. It is sobering to me, to be reminded that Jesus came to give himself to us all, as the ultimate gift for Christmas. While walking in the hospitals during the silence of night, I just pondered at how we all could be useful for His purposes by just being available and willing.


Visit of Patrick in Institute Montsouris


Visiting Luce at Clinic Port Royal



What a joy to welcome Serge HERRBRECH, the president of UAPM to minister to us in Nov 2019. We were greatly encouraged by the message to grow in maturity in Jesus.
Rebecca’s notes:



I thank God for Rebecca who ministers deeply to the chinese speakers in our Sunday monday first service. She has been faithful in God’s calling, to reach and touch our Chinese members with Gods word and wisdom.
John’s notes:



John has been invited to assure the translation from English to French for the American Theological Institute of Paris (ITA Paris) . Thank God for this door to communicate to the future church leaders and pastors, towards their training and preparation for Gods service.

Hospital celebration:








Thank God for a wonderful Christmas celebration at George Clemenceau hospital, to bring the cheer and meaning of Christmas to the elderly sick with the champlaincy team.

Gospel in the Psychiatric ward:

P_20191106_144256 (1)

Praise God for the opportunity to propose Gospel singing in the psychiatric ward in hospital Emile ROUX near to Paris. Praise God that His music is able to touch even the mentally troubled patients, as they became joyful after our ministry 🙂


May God bless you and your families during this blessed season, to know the true sense of Christmas!

From Paris,

John and Rebecca LIM
Prayer requests:

  1. For the unstable situation in France, with strikes and demonstration.
  2. For God’s provision for our different hospital and street association ministry.
  3. For God’s wisdom and strength on John, Rebecca and the leaders.
  4. For God’s protection over the members in the daily work and life.


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