210109 Celebrate God’s goodness in 2021!

john and Rebecca LIM

Dear friends,

I would like to thank the Lord for His continued goodness and merci in the beginning of 2021.

happy new year!

Like the song says “God is good, all the time, he put a song of praise in this heart of mine”. The passage in Romans 8 resounds in my heart : “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”

As we trust in HIM, I believe that our prayers on behalf of ourselves, our family and our Nation will be heard. He will surely come to His people in their times of needs!

God is sovereign over ALL situations

The situation skyrocketed this year for the COVID contamination situation in France. Yet we are thankful that God has helped us to bring encouragement to the doctors, nurses and patients during this trying time in our hospitals.

19,814 cases in France (since yesterday)
covid cases in France

Thanksgiving in Hospital

One special thanksgiving to God for His protection over one of the main hospital volunteers Sis Marie Louise who was involved in a car accident. She was received in emergency care where she later had the chance to witness and encourage the hospital workers taking care of her !

with volunteer Marie Louise in the emergency ward of hospital after the accident
Visit at Hospital with Martyn and Sian
hospital visit with Monique

John and his team was so thankful that they were able to continue the care and compassion visits during the Covid19 in his hospitals with the help of God, to encourage both patients and hospital personnels!

Christmas thanksgiving in hospitals

One special prayer and thanksgiving for God’s protection for our Christmas prayer teams as we distributed Christmas cards and sang Carols to all the hospital personnels and patients in Geriatric, pediatric and psychiatric care wards!

Hospital visit with team for Christmas card visitation
Christmas Carol visitation team

Thanksgiving ELIM Paris

Sis Louise thanks God that in spite of the Covid19 situation, she was able to receive a training to work in restaurants through ZOOM. She knows that it was God’s help that allows her to be fully employed last week in a government canteen, in spite of the context of retrenchment and closing of companies in France.

Louise in Elim Paris – worship team member

Sis Patricia thanks God for bringing her to ELIM last year during the first COVID19 wave in May 2020. As she grew to understand God’s will for her : to LOVE GOD-LOVE the CHURCH family – SERVE OTHERS She received a confirmation from the Lord to commit her life completely and allow God to fully use her! How wonderful that the COVID19 is not able to stop believers for loving and serving GOD!

Patricia in Elim media ministry

Thanksgiving for God’s creative open doors

From Jan 2021, John has been appointed by the Protestant Federation Radio station to oversee the Radio emission on hospitals and chaplaincy. It will be a needed tool to reach the thousands of patients in geriatric care, to allow them to hear and receive encouragement through the radio wave especially during this time of pandemic!

Appointment meeting with Mme Valerie THORIN (the director of the Protestant Radio station)

Reconnecting with Pentecostal reflection

With the blessing of his home church leadership , it’s a real blessing for John to follow courses on Pentecostal reflections from France in his “alma mater” ACTS college (ex. AGBC). This came about through the forsight and creativeness of the faculty team under Dr Casey NG to transform traditionally on-site courses into ZOOM interactive courses, thus overcoming the constraints of the present Covid situation. What an amazing experience to have a lecturer teaching from Switzerland to a class of students from Singapore and France!

Course with Dr PLUSS from Switzerland

During the 2nd wave of COVID19 contamination in France when on site worship was not possible, we are thankful how God allowed us to have pre-recorded invited speakers to minister to the church. Thank God as His is still the one who grants creativeness to us who are His creation 🙂

Ptr David HOU pre-recording his message for ElimParis (from Mandarin to French)

Thanksgiving for a marriage union stronger than Covid19

We are so thankful to celebrate and witness the wedding ceremony of Bro CHAOJIN (a faithful church brother) and Sis ZhuZhu at the town hall of Alfortville, France (limited number of 6 allowed including the couple to be wedded). With the impossibility for their parents to travel to France, we are grateful that the whole ceremony was transmitted by Wechat to both parents through handphones. John and Rebecca are so joyful and thankful to pray over the wedded couple at the end of the ceremony!

ceremony in the town hall of alfortville, FR

We are thankful that God is still in control of all and He is truly GOOD at all times !

We continue to pray that God will bless and protect you and your loved ones during this time, knowing fully well that God is our very constant hope,

Love from Paris,

John and Rebecca LIM ( ElimParis )
Prayer NEEDS:

  1. Continued wisdom and strength upon John and Rebecca as they lead the church with the leaders.
  2. God’s provision for all the people in France, during this difficult time due to Covid19.
  3. For God to continue to minister through His children by His love to reach out and touch the suffering.
  4. For God’s continued strength and wisdom upon the gouvernment leaders and pastors in France.
He is always GOOD!

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