Ministry / Construction gift


Ministry or Church-Construction Support

In Singapore : 

John LIM    POSB 200-77547-3


If you want to contribute to the ministry, make a check out to “Kian Chuan John LIM” 

Contact in the USA:  (Email)

Dr Greg JOCHEN:  2271, Naches Heights Road, YAKIMA, WA 98908

In France:

John and Rebecca LIM
5, Rue des Lampes, 94200 Ivry Sur Seine (France)

Please put the cheque to : « LIM Kian Chuan John »


By Bank transfer :

Relevé d’identité bancaire :
Domiciliation : BANQUE LCL, CL PARIS BOURSE (00402)

Banque : 30002 – Guichet : 00402 – N° de compte : 0000076636A – Clé : 33

IBAN (International Bank Account Number) :  FR44 3000 2004 0200 0007 6636 A33

BIC (Bank Identifier Code) : CRLYFRPP



Press to make a gift for our social actions

(Association Familiale Koinonia – for our Hospital and Migrant Compassion work)


Thank you for your love and support!

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