Ministry information

Rev. John LIM was born in a Buddhist family in Singapore. He received Jesus as his personal Savior on 24 Dec 1989 and was born again. He was baptised in water in June 1991.

He answered God’s call to the ministry in 1992 after his national service term and enrolled into AGBC (then BIS). He was involved principally in missions from 1993-95 in Elim Christian Centre, Bacolod city, Philippines.
He was then sent to Accra, Ghana from 1998-2004 to assist a local pioneering work in the Ghanian TWI community.
He then went on to start the first Chinese church in Ghana in 2001, and assisted in the start of an international church as well.

He is happily married to Rebecca Lim-Koh, who was involved with the church planting effort in Ghana.

John and Rebecca are presently pastoring together Elim Evangelical Church in Paris, in the heart of Chinatown Paris.

They are reaching a cross-cultural community of French, mandarin and English speakers.

John is the first French – Chinese speaking chaplain in the French prison system, and helps the prisoners in their spiritual needs, as well as translation and administration needs in France. He is also the first French – Chinese speaking Hospital chaplain of the French hospital system (AP-HP – Assistance Public Hopitaux de Paris) and serves to care for patients in the Henri-Mondor hospital group (Hospital CHU Henri Mondor, Hospital Emile Roux, Hospital Joffre-Dupuytren, Hospital George Clemeceau).

John has a bachelor’s degree in theology in 1997 from AGBC Singapore. He has a Master 1 professional qualification with FLTE at Vaux sur Seine, a national chaplaincy degree (DU.VEA) with CFTP (University of Strasbourg) as well as a judicial degree (DU. RnR) on “religious and secular law” with the law faculty of Jean Monnet (Paris XI).  John is presently working on his Master de Recherche (or M. Div in English system) in the Faculty of Jean Calvin in Aix-en-Provence) on the thematic of “Chaplaincy healthcare for end of life patients in French European countries”.

Pastor Rebecca LIM-KOH grew up in a Buddhist family and was the first to receive the Lord at the age of 18. The Lord then began to work miraculously as different family members came to the Lord in her family subsequently.

Rebecca has an Accounting diploma from Singapore and has had extensive working experience in the field. She has then left her work to undergo mission training in the school of Actes in KL,Malaysia, sensing God’s call in her life. She received theological training in AGBC Singapore before leaving to serve in mission from 2003.

Arriving in France in 2004, she continued to undergo theological training in Institute Biblique de Nogent sur Marne (IBN).

Ptr Rebecca pastors and cares for the women’s group in the church, the Chinese congregation and oversees the children’s program as well. Rebecca is also serving in the chaplaincy ministry to give patient care in the Henri Mondor group of hospitals in Paris.


Beyond church involvement, John and Rebecca are also actively assisting and helping ex-prisoners and migrant families in dire situations by providing legal counsel and translation aid, as well as physical and psychological care when needed, through their association network.

Rebecca is also currently working with volunteer teams to reach refugee families in Paris, as well as working with the Paris associatif network extensively.

John and Rebecca’s vision is to see God’s church established in France, à family without boundaries for all nations in Paris, to see a multi-ethnic, multi-generational church that will seek first the Kingdom of God for the glory of Jesus Christ, about whom it is written:

With your blood you purchased for God members of every tribe and language and people and nation.

Revelation 5:9

Eglise Protestante Évangélique ELIM 以琳教会  EGLISE DES NATIONS
Aimer Dieu – Aimer les personnes – Faire des disciples

Tel: +33 1 72 46 63 96 

15, Rue du Campo-Formio, 75013 Paris

Dim 10h 中文聚会  Culte Mandarin
Dim 11h30 Culte Français (Anglais)

métro: 6 Nationale et  5 Campo-Formio

Groupe connecte en semaine (se renseigner)

Tel:  01 72 46 63 96 ou 06 25 46 42 58

facebook: Eglise Elim Paris
Courrier: 19, Ave d’italie, 75013 Paris

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