140601 Newsletter June 2014


From Paris with love: John and Rebecca LIM

Dear friends,
We thank the Lord for His faithfulness, as well as His protection for the safe trip back home in the month of July! May the Lord continue to bless and keep you and your families!
We thank God for His blessings through the months of May till July and we would like to share with you some of the testimonies!

Camp elimparis 2014

Elim Paris church had her annual church camp on the 3rd of May with the Pastor Christian Capron who exhorted the church rise up to “My Utmost for His highest”! The attendees were all encouraged to rise to the occasion in the context of these last days, to serve God and put Him first in their lives!
We thank God for a wonderful time among the members and also for the Timely message from the Lord!

Josiane Kankar

photo – right

We thank God for allowing us to reach out to Josiane Kankar. She has gone through a difficult period of mental anguish, but God has delivered her from the chains of mental illness. Over a period of 4 months, we were able to guide her to church on Sundays, from picking her up, to gradually allowing her to coming to meet us at half-way points, till finally, she is able to come to church on her own. Praise God for He is the healer!

livret 10 ans

The month of June also commemorated the 10th year anniversary of the time the church in Paris was recognized officially as a church. We are grateful for the faithfulness of the Lord towards His work, not forgetting the laborers who have labored to plant this work in the beginning stages, the missionaries from Elim church Singapore, Rev. Peter Chng, as well as other missionaries who have contributed to the vision of this work in the past. Indeed God’s work is planted, watered and harvested according to His plan!

Here are some testimonies from members collected in our 10th anniversary booklet:

xiang xiang

XU XiangXiang (Taiwan) : the experienced deep pains during the church camp, and had great difficulty sitting and lying down. During one of the worship sessions, she was touched by a particular song. As she continued to worship God on and on, she experienced for the first time in her life the supernatural healing of God. Since then, her faith in God, her relation with God had gone to a higher level! Amen!

vong (2)

photo – right

Vongsakhone Sassady (Laos): God healed me when I was weak, when I sensed being attacked by the enemy, by an old sickness. I went through a difficult period in my life, but it was thanks
to God, as well as to brothers and sisters in church who continued to pray for me and my family, who cared for me all through the difficulty. I felt their support, and I thank God for showing me and allowing me to come to know the love of God, which surpasses even my love for my wife and children! His love is one which is deep and sincere which we can feel, which helps us in our times of experiencing the enemy’s attack.

Ivy Wang optional photo

Ivy Wang (Beijing): I came to Elim Paris 4 years ago. I have never thought that I would become a Christian, today, I cannot imagine living without God in my life. When I started to come to church for the 1st time, I had doubts about faith, but today, I commit to Him my life, all of my best, and my projects and my future, and I see Him changing me every single day. I was converted in Elim Paris, baptized here, and it’s here that I serve God. Being a Chinese student in France, my church is my home, all the brothers and sisters are my family. I have thought once of changing to a bigger and more historical church , but the Holy Spirit God had showed me that His plan for me is in Elim Paris. He showed me that He had not prepared for me a big cathedral, for the most important is that every member is to be a holy temple for Him! He has not given me a church of thousands, but one which is untied, and where we love one another!
Our hope is in the faithfulness of God, for we cannot find elsewhere, for Chris’s hope is with us at all times!

Lorena original photo

photo – extreme right

Lorena Romero (Philippines): The first time that I came, I sensed the presence of God. I believe that God brought me to this church to use me, not just to come sit down on Sundays, but to use me for His ministry. Through my time in church, God built up my courage to overcome my timidity. I was never able to do otherwise, If I dislike to do something, I will never do it. I was never able to converse in French to “foreigners” (outside the Philipino community) , for I felt that I could not communicate in French, we had nothing in common, I could not say the words correctly as I had desired. God gave me courage.

Thank you for your continued prayers for France during these turbulent times, with the manifestations against Israel by the rising Islamic population. May God bless and keep you and your family!

John and Rebecca LIM

Prayer requests:
1. Pray for God’s strength, wisdom and protection upon John and Rebecca LIM and the church board, to pastor and lead God’s flock into a new year.
2. Pray for God’s peace over the social troubles in France due to the Middle East confrontations.
3. Pray for God’s continued work in France, to touch and reach the immigrant and general French population.
4. Pray for the finishing of the multi-language new prisoner publication for La CIMADE (Protestant Prison Association).
5. The financial preparation of a church hall purchase in Paris. For designated gifts, or possible no interest loans for the church building purchase of Elimparis, please contact us for details.

Missionaries: John and Rebecca LIM
1 bis, Rue Louis Rousseau, 94200 Ivry sur Seine, France HP : 0033 6 25 46 42 58 / Tel : 0033 1 70 25 93 36 elimparis@gmail.com, http://www.elim-paris.org

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