181031 Shine for the master

shine for Jesus



Dear friends,

Our theme for the new school year (Sept 2018 -Aug 2019) is “Anchoring in God”, in His presence, His strength and His Spirit. Our desire is to see the lives of brothers and sisters changed, situations and circumstances miraculously transformed for the Glory of God!

vintage anchor on the beach

Anchored In God in 2019

We enter into our 14th year of mission work in Paris. Having gone through the high and the lows, various experiences and challenges, God just reminded us of a song :

“Shine, Jesus shine,
Fill this land with the Father’s glory.
Blaze, Spirit blaze,
Set our hearts on fire.
Flow, river flow,
Flood the nations with grace and mercy.
Send forth Your word,
Lord and let there be light.”

We are reminded of our goal and purpose in Paris, that is to build a house for Him in Paris, made of disciples who want to shine for Jesus in this End-Times. People who love God, love people and who desire to fulfill the great commission- to make disciples.


We thank God for the church team of ElimParis, for the faithfulness of our deacons and leaders over all the years, serving the purposes of God in their lives.

We pray and ask the Lord to continue to help us walk with Him, not in front of Him, but along to “paracletos” (Holy Spirit) to come alongside of us to guide us and use our lives to shine for His glory.

We thank God for anchoring us in Paris, to build His house of believers, His church in this place that needs His love and miracles.




Shining in His church:


Our leaders (from left): Eric DUVEAU, Ptr Rebecca LIM-KOH, Ursula LAWSON, Gladys BIJOU, ZHANG XiangYu, Ptr John LIM

ZHANG XiangYu, our church treasurer, from the day he came to know the Lord has decided to consecrate his life to the Lord, so his Sundays to church. He is a restaurant owner by profession, so this represents a decision to honor God beyond financial gains. When asked how he came to make this sacrifice, he replied that “it is not a sacrifice when we do what we love doing !”


Shining in Province (Lyon)


Miquel WANG and his wife Esther were both touched by the Lord and prepared their future mariage life together in ElimParis. Today, Miquel is serving the Lord in Lyon as a missionary, reaching chinese students for Jesus in the Lyon. We thank God for His goodness in their lives!

Shining from Reunion island:

We thank God for our spiritual son Bro. WANG Congyu, now based in Reunion Island (France) with his wife Julie whom he met in Elim, who has started his christian walk in Paris (being saved and baptised) and has continued to to shine for Jesus in the realm of classical piano music. Whereever he goes, be it in France, Europe or in Asia, he testifies of the grace and love of God in His live, which allowed him to be who he is today. He now serves by present free concerts in hospitals, to bless the oder patients with good and wholesome music.


 Shining in the town hall of Paris

IMG-20180412-WA0004 (1)


Sylviane DESTAIN, our dear sister who loves the young adults of ElimParis, spoke of her work at the Paris town hall. She prays that whatever she does, she would be able to bring the joy and reconciliation of Jesus to those she works with, to be able to share HIS JOY with all those that God sends her way.

Shining for Jesus in China:



From left: BAR Lili, BAR Bernard, HE Daliang, Quach Hoa, HE-Wang, WANG Ivry, Ptr Rebecca, Ptr John

LiLi BAR thanked God for opportunity to pray for her grand son in QingDao, as well as to witness to her family, especially to her sister there. This was such a miracle, knowing how she was so uneasy about sharing her faith when she first got saved. Thank God for His light that grows in her life!


Shining for Jesus after a communist-molded life:


Photo from right: Ptr John, HE-WANG JuYing, HE DaLiang, Ptr Rebecca

HE-WANG JuYing thanks the Lord how His love has transformed her from a shy and reserved person to one today who prays out loud in public. It needs to be mentioned that she had been in a reform camp in the 1970s in GanSu China under the cultural revolution, where they have grown up being afraid to voice out personal religious opinions. Today, she is a vibrant part of our chinese congregation, participating in God’s church!

Shining in the French health system:

IMG-20180402-WA0002 (1)IMG_20180609_155603IMG-20180728-WA0009P_20180912_182653

Ptr John thanks God for raising up men and woman who love God and who possess the love and compassion of Christ to minister to all the hospital group of Henri-Mondor in Paris. This is a population which is often forgotten by the general society, being bed-ridden and too sick to make their way to a church service, normally cut off from christian groups. God is so gracious to allow these wonderful group of men and women to rise up to serve HIM in the hospitals!


Shining before our national leaders:

We were privileged to participate this year in the welcome festivities of the coming of the prime minister of Singapore, M. LEE Hsien Loong (being Singaporean citizens). We understand that as we faithfully do His work, He allows us to minister in Paris, to be a postive testimony to the society, to shine for Him in the sphere of decision makers.


Photo with Prime minister LEE

Rebecca’s corner:




Ptr Rebecca thank God for His help to validate her diploma from the University of Strasbourg in “counselling and care” (Centre de formation de la Théologie Protestante).  She thanks God for His grace and strength in times of difficulties, where His Spirit and word brings comfort and restoration to all!


Prayer points:


  1. Strength and wisdom to lead and guide the church for John and Rebecca
  2. For ElimParis to become a discipleship mission focused church in Paris and beyond!
  3. For God’s healing for the ones down and sick among us.
  4. God’s wisdom to reach and touch the community in Paris.
  5. That the PRESENCE of GOD will be experienced in ALL our meetings, to set hearts and lives free.
  6. For God to provide funds for our hospital and migrant compassion projects in his abundance for the needs.












3 thoughts on “181031 Shine for the master

  1. PTL for His care, protection and plans for the church. Keep up the good work. Will certainly keep you in prayers.Thanks for keeping us on your mailing list – contents are uplifting. we rejoice in all that the Lord has empowered you to do, keep in touch. Call us when you are in Singapore. Have A Blessed Weekend.


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