Thankfulness in times of uncertainty


Dear friends,

As I write this praise report, the BREXIT event looms very close in the European economic theatre. Many in France are wary of the immigration issues facing France and Europe at this point.

As we restart the new academic year 2019-2020 in France, the words of the Psalmist comes at this moment to mind:

“1 Bless the Lord, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name.          2 Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits: ” (Ps 103)

We felt that the spirit of thankfulness is some much God’s way to help His children overcome life challenges. May we all receive always this gentle spirit of thankfulness and be contagious in this approach in our lives, our families, our churches and nations!

Be blessed in this new season in Him!


Here are some praise reports. 


Looking at the harvest in France as we pray for more workers in France in the near future. May the Lord add his workers to the end time work here in Europe.


In Paris: 

We thank God for allowing Rebecca to minister and meet the needs of Nathalie, who is going through challenges in her family. She is encouraged to serve God and commit her life to Him, as well as her children, focusing not on her difficulties but on God’s faithfulness at ALL times. Amen!


Photo of John and Rebecca with Nathalie, Nelan and Emma 🙂


We were able to visit Mamie Antoinette when she fell down from a bus after church. In spite of what happened, she remained cheerful and told us not to be worried about her as she was well. For her, God had protected her from a far more serious fall and she was thankful! What joyful faith to find in an elderly sister!



Sis Lily thanked God for His work in her family in China. Her family members who she has been praying for are slowly coming to the Lord this year. She was so glad that she was able to accompany them to church during her recent trip back home in Qing-Dao. Praise the Lord!


For a while, we needed to repaint the toilets and kitchen of our church hall. God was so good as He sent us brother Vince from Seattle, a college science teacher who contacted John to explain that he wanted to be a blerssing to our church during his vacation in France. What an amazing brother who decided to combine his holidays in France with doing painting jobs and other needs. He helped to paint our toilets and kitchen wonderfully! We are so thankful to God for his children to serve His churches!


Hospital and Social ministry:

We were happy to be involved in the chaplaincy welcome day a Hopital Cochin. Rebecca and myself were able to meet families and hospital workers who came for the special lunch event to explain and present the ministry towards lonely and isolated patients. Many visitors were glad to find out more from Rebecca how they could participate as friends of chaplaincy ministries to tell and inform when friends and family have visitation needs 🙂


Chaplaincy welcome day lunch


Photo taken with David (volunteer with chaplaincy service in hospital Cochin)


During the ethics week of the French hospital systems (APHP), John was invited to share about the importance of allowing family members to participate in the visiting and continued care of their loved ones as a member of the Henri Mondor hospital ethics committee. John thanks God that our christian values on family, love and the sincere and open care of our loved ones could be presented during his presentation. So thankful for God allowing us to shine beyond the church walls!


In July, God spoke to John to bring his worship songs to the isolated psychaitric patients. With the permission of the hospital authorities, John and his team sang jazz gospel songs to a hall full of mental “in-animate” patients. As the songs were sung, certain patients began to move and dance with the songs! The hospital personnels were so excited and began to tell us that it was the first time that the patients considered incapable to communicate became responsive to the songs. We believed that God injuected His spirit into the words and songs, and brought about a God-birted reaction in the spirit of these forgotten patients! God’s method was a simple ukulele and plenty of godly compassion. Amen!


Standing outside the song hall where the psychiatric patients were gathered (not allowed to take their photos in locked psychiatric wards)


Photo of Gospel team: (from left) John and Uky (his ukulele), Liliette, Feline and Corrine.

Back in the home front: 

During our time back home in July, John had the joy of ministering to the youth of Elim Church in Singapore, encouraging them to focus on seeking God’s will in their lives. What a joy to see the wonderful work done among these young people passionate for Jesus, who have the potentiel to reach and change the world 🙂


For administrative needs, we needed to find a translation professional which was at quite a personal cost due to many pages of French documents involved to be translaterd. Through a personal friend, we got in touch with Sis Angeline NG, a translator from French to English working with the French Embassy in Singapore. As our personal friend presented our need to her, she replied that she was already friends with us (on facebook), being connected with our “spiritual” son WANG CongYu (professional pianist in Reunion Island – France) and knew us from already a while back. Knowing of our translation needs, she accepted to help us as Christian geste. We were thankful to the Lord for this help which represented quite a sum and for this loving ‘gift’ from our dear sister in Christ from back home.


Thank you so much for taking time to read this article.

May God continue to use you and your loved ones to be a blessing in your ‘world’!


Your friends in Paris,

John and Rebecca LIM     +33 6 25 46 42 58

Prayer needs:

1. God’s continued peace and restoration of the French society

2. God’s blessings on our work in the communities in Paris 13. Open doors to reach the different populations.

3. God’s continued strength and guidance in His work for john and Rebecca and church leaders

4. God’s provision for church, hospital and migrant ministry.

5. God to raise up more workers for the one-time harvest in France !

6. God to help us lauch our discipleship courses from Sept 2019, to raise people passionnate from Him and His church!


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